#BBWLA Season Finale

From Gossiponthis.com

From Gossiponthis.com

Hey Lovers,

My DVR got possessed so I wasn’t able to watch the Basketball Wives LA season finale. Let’s discuss!

Allow me to begin by saying that I loved this episode. It was a great finale and left enough on the table to make the reunion good. Speaking of the reunion, why do they keep getting John tired ass Salley to host? He’s annoying. He reminds me of the guy who likes to be around a lot of women so people will think he’s having sex with at least one of them. Aside from that, he’s just not a good host. I need someone to get the real tea and all the shade. John Salley is like an awkward fan. They need to get Wendy Williams or Mo’Nique. I’m sure Mo’Nique is available given that whole Oscar Curse thing. OK, I’m not sure if the Oscar Curse is real but I am sure we haven’t seen nor heard much from Mo’Nique lately.

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Brain Drops

Love & Hip Hop Season 2









Hey Lovers, 

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premiered last week but I was losing my morals in Vegas, more on that later. I watched the premiere last night in order to give you some quick thoughts on it before Episode 2. Below are just a few of my brain drops.  Continue reading

Love & Holy Sh**

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 Hey Lovers, 

I was unable to watch Love & Hip Hop with you last night because I was the Barclays Center trying to get Chris Paul’s attention at the Nets game. Sadly, I didn’t get Chris Paul’s attention but the Nets did win the game in the last 2 minutes. Obviously it’s because I was there. Let me stop playing. I knew you would want to hear my thoughts on Love & Hip Hop posthaste so I did watch after I got home. Let’s discuss.  Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop ATLiens

Picture from VH1

Picture from VH1

Hey Lovers, 

Monday night my social life impacted my social media life so I was unable to watch Love & Hip Hop live with you. Then my router died; it’s all too much, I know. 

Let me begin by letting you know that this episode really drained me. Honestly, if it was not for all my beautiful readers I am not sure that I would’ve been able to endure the entire episode.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I really need Shay the hoodrat bandit to go. Every week her attitude and weave get worse and I’m not here for it.

I am sure we still agree that Baby Bop and the Redbone need to go too. I don’t understand how Baby Bop claims to be over Redbone when about 5 episodes ago we saw her try to fight some random girl and later gave him 25 racks for his wannabe Jimmy Jazz dream. I don’t understand why Redbone was wearing Lil Wayne’s outfit with George Jefferson’s jacket. I don’t understand why Baby Bop’s boyfriend was wearing a hooded vest. I don’t understand what club would hire both of them for the same night. The only thing I understand is why that club was so empty. 


As far as Scrappy going to jail, is anyone surprised? I am glad Ms. Mona showed the scene with his daughter. Maybe some of the dudes who are watching VH1 and not reporting to their probation officers are paying attention to how that kind of nonsense impacts children. While I am glad we saw that scene did it not break your heart when Emani said something about her friend who went to see his father in jail? As much as I am tempted to go on rant about Black America as a result of that scene; I won’t. By the way, am I the only one NOT surprised that Mama Dee has been to jail?

I had a comment about Mimi & Michelle’s meeting but their meeting was so boring I forgot.

Do you see it for Joseline & Stevie J in a “normal” relationship? I know a pig is pork but I don’t know what Stevie J is. I’ve said before that Joseline needs to give lessons because she went from strip club jump off to demanding a proposal. It actually amazes me. A couple weeks ago, Media Takeout “reported” that Joseline & Stevie J tied the night in Puerto Rico. If that is in fact true, I know we will all be tuned in because I’m sure the Molly the Maid shade will be at epic levels. 

I’m glad we didn’t see or hear from Ariane and Karline. Do we agree, they’re not missed?

Benzino and Kirk really  tap danced on my last good nerve with their fake country weekend. First of all, I didn’t know Bobby Valentino liked women so his appearance surprised me. Is he still in the music business? If not, he needs to call Tiarra Marie to see how she got the “unemployed friend” role on the NY cast. The sight of that pile of Walmart looking panties on the card table almost made me physically sick. Am I the only one who got the sense that Mary Jane was on Molly? She had to be on something if she wanted to menage with Kirk’s tired ass. I had to pause my DVR to figure out who was wearing a furry snapback in Georgia. I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was Bambi but I was. Bambi lost what little shimmer she did have by putting her lips on Benzino. That whole house was an orgy of mediocrity and poor ideas.

This episode makes me look forward to the season finale because I really do not know how much more I can endure.

Did you watch? What did you think? Comment below and let me know!





Love & Hot Mess Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta


Hey Lovers, 

Let’s discuss tonight’s Love & Hip Hop episode. 

  • Scrappy & Erica. Did Scrappy spend his last dollar on Erica’s ring? I ask because it’s clear he doesn’t have a Vaseline budget. Erica could’ve struck a match on his lips. Can you also tell me why he’s wearing a leather vest in his interview? That outfit is 1 step away from a “Yep, I’m gay” People Magazine cover.
  • Stevie J, Mimi & Joseline. Last season Joseline was my least favorite. This season she’s my most favorite. Mimi should take swag lessons from Joseline. Joseline wins all the time and stays on her grind. She won last week’s Molly the Maid confrontation. She won this week when she told Stevie J she was no longer interested in his D but she would appreciate him getting back to business. As for Mimi and that aging face, let’s just put her on the prayer list. It’s clear she has problems that cannot be solved by anyone of this earth. As for Stevie, I kinda feel like he’s 1 line of cocaine away from turning into Ike Turner.       
  • Traci & Drew. I want these two off the show. They’re bringing nothing. Chris Brown doesn’t bring anything anymore, what could we expect from his DJ? Traci just wants to marry her baby daddy & she’s about to buy a pretend sneaker store in order to do that. Waiting until 6 years after your kid is born to try to get the family in order is late and backwards.  This relationship is exactly what’s wrong with America and I’m over it. 
  • Shay & Mama Dee. Either Mama Dee is a lesbian or she’s using Shay as a proxy for herself. There’s something unnatural about Mama Dee’s interest in Shay. I know Ms. Mona pays well. Why was Mama Dee wearing a buy 1 get 1 synthetic wig? Also, I really need to know why she’s still rolling in her Pimp Mobile. At first glance I thought that was Stevie J’s raggedy ass bus. As for Shay, I’m wondering if she’s serious with these hairstyles. I guess VH1 alternate doesn’t pay that well.  

I can’t wait for next week’s episode. I’ve been wanting Erica to buss Mama Dee in the face for awhile. I know, that’s her daughter’s grandmother and all but Mama Dee is always coming out with some washed up pimp sh*t. We’ve heard that she’s a former pimp, but I want someone to push her wig back; literally. 

Did you see tonight’s episode? What did you think? Comment below and let me know.

Being Mandela


Hey Lovers, 

Last week I was minding my own business watching Politics Nation with the Rev. Al Sharpton (who is my grandfather in my mind) when he showed a segment with Zaizwe and Swati, the granddaughters of the great Nelson was incarcerated for 27 years Mandela. It was a normal interview at first then Rev. Al proceeded to mention that Swati, Zaizwe, Winnie Mandela and a gang of their other relatives were going to be on a new reality show called “Being Mandela” on Cozi TV. My first thought was “What the **** is Cozi TV?” My next thought was “why?” Why are the descendants of such an icon doing a reality show? 

Since I had so many questions I decided I had to watch. I found out what Cozi TV is. For all of you who have Cablevision in NYC, it’s channel 109. I watched yesterday since The Grammy Awards, RHOA and the Shah’s finale were all ahead of the Mandelas. 

During their interview with Rev. Al, Swati & Zaizwe, the Kourtney & Kim of this series, claimed they did not want to do anything to tarnish the Mandela name and Nelson Mandela  would not be shown on the show. As I watched my mind went back to their interview. The show basically follows these 2 women and their life. They work for the Mandela museum and they’re both mothers. Zaizwe has 3 children and Swati has 1. Swati basically said she’s single and ready to mingle. During episode 1 we got to see Winnie Mandela in an age appropriate wig. We also got to see some of the Mandela great grandchildren. 

I may give this show one more episode but as of right now I’m feeling like Swati & Zaizwe must have some ulterior motive. Being Nelson Mandela’s grandchild means that you have enough connections to do whatever you want, so why a reality show?

The preview for next week’s episode showed Swati showing up to the kids’ baptism allegedly hungover. We’ll also meet their 3rd sister and see her curse out Swati. For these reasons, Swati & Zaizwe may added to the list of people who are on time out along with Keyshia Cole. To me, this would be like Martin Luther King’s granddaughters doing a reality show. Other than trying to get their 5 minutes of fame, do we really need to an icon’s relatives acting a fool on TV?

Do you think the Mandela crew needs to be on reality TV? Will you watch? Comment below and let me know! 

Starter Wives, will you watch?

Starter Wives

Hello Lovers! I hope 2013 is treating you well. I have a question for all you beautiful people. Will you be watching Starter Wives with me

On Tuesday we’ll be introduced to new show on TLC called Starter Wives. At first I was not interested. You saw “Hollywood Exes.” It was a bunch of middle aged women discussing  the lives of luxury they used to have but not really giving us anything else.  I originally thought this show was going to be more of the same thing until I learned about the cast. Before we discuss the cast, I must warn you, the term “wives” is being used in “Basketball Wives” sense, which is not really. There are like 2 real wives but the majority of the women are baby mamas/ex-fiances. On to the cast members who have caught my eye and made we want to give this show a chance. 

  • Josie Harris: Ex-fiance of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is she the one who was involved in that domestic violence case that landed Money Mayweather in jail? Will she spill the tea about Mayweather’s homoerotic bromance with 50 Cent? Depending how she plays this I foresee a  book deal in her future. I mean, they gave Toya Carter a book and she doesn’t even have a GED. 
  • Liza Morales: Baby mama of Lamar Odom. Will she be throwing shade at the Kardashian Klan?  How does she feel about not getting the ring after 2 kids then Lamar Odom went on to marry Khloe after knowing her only 30 days? Will she show her kids on this show while we’ve never seen them on any of the 5011 Kardashian shows? I’m rooting for Liza.
  • Tashera Simmons: Wife of DMX. I’m sure Tashera has some DMX crack tales we’ve yet to hear. On Couples Therapy we learned that DMX has approximately 7 side babies. The long history, rise & fall from stardom and all around messiness will make great TV.  
  • Monica Joseph-Taylor: Wife of DJ Funkmaster Flex. Am I the only one who thinks Funk Flex is hiding something? I don’t know what the something is but I want Monica to tell.
  • Zakia Baum: ex-girlfriend of rapper Maino. Maino is like a less classy version of Jadakiss (which I like). As a result, I know Ms. Zakia has some stories. I want to know if she was on the scene when Maino was incarcerated for kidnapping and a laundry list of other things. 

Yesterday Wendy Williams reported that 50 Cent’s baby mama Shaniqua was supposed to be a castmember but pulled out at the last minute. I’m guessing 50 cut a bigger check than TLC did. The cast also includes Cheryl Caruso the ex-wife of alleged Mobster Phil “Philly” Caruso. We have a show for mob wives called Mob Wives so I could probably live without her but I’m not knocking the hustle.

All in all I think this show could get a spot in my Tuesday night lineup if these women spill the appropriate amount of tea. The appropriate amount being enough to keep it interesting but not too much where it seems like they’re bitter.  

So, will you be watching? Comment below and let me know! 

Bad Girls?

Hey Lovers, 

I missed the latest episode of the Bad Girls Club because our Monday night Reality Show schedule is getting a bit out of hand. I watched Monday’s episode this morning and I figured I give you all my thoughts. Let’s discuss! 

  • Falen. What is Falen’s role on this show other than bothering me with that tacky hair color? We haven’t heard anything interesting about her life and she hasn’t done anything interesting on the show except for claiming she’s “G’ed up.” Clearly she has redefined G’ed up in the way I redefined a bunch of things in our chat yesterday. If you missed that discussion, catch up on it here: https://triple18.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/definitions-optional/. Falen, you wore an Easter hat to the club, revisit your claim of being G’ed up.  
  • Andrea. Andrea and I are the same age. When I feel badly about my life I can just watch BGC and remember that being a go-go dancer, using disagreeable weave hair and wearing endless tacky rags from Pretty Girl (Tello’s for my Boston girls) is much worse than looking for an attorney position. 
  • Julie. I like Julie. Julie has stirred the pot in so many directions and it never comes back to her. Julie is either really clever or everyone else is too stupid to realize what she’s doing. I normally don’t like instigators but I like the way she gets everyone to do what she wants all the time without question. 
  • Mehgan. Mehgan bores me. Every now and again she says 1 clever line but at this point she’s forgettable. Bye Mehgan.
  • Ashley. Is it me or is Ashley’s weave on slim fast? That’s about all I have on her. She’s a bit dizzy but that makes her harmless. Next!  
  • Christina “Jersey.” Christina is crazier than 5 K. Michelles and I love it! She makes good TV. She got a bottle of Clicquot from a creepy old man and thought she had a Basketball Wives come up. Good for her. I love people who are not high maintenance. That’s right, you’re winning with a bottle that doesn’t even come with sparklers. Good job Jersey. Am I the only one who enjoyed the “German Nazi” rant? There’s nothing like getting drunk and hurling racial insults at your ex. I’ve never done that but it seems fun. Leave some Central American jokes in the comments for me. I may want to go Christina on my ex soon.
  • Rima.  We know someone is going home next week after the fight between Rima & Christina. I really, sincerely hope it is Rima. Rima is supposedly 22 but she looks washed up and she’s very annoying. Am I the only one unimpressed by Rima’s new found backbone? Really, Rima? You’re really going to get turned up over your $6.99 Walmart foundation? Go home, raise your son. I’m done with you. 

I’m looking forward to next because I want to see who is going home. I’m kind of not ready for another replacement but if Rima is leaving, I’m all for it. 

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Did I miss anything? Let me know!