Starter Wives, will you watch?

Starter Wives

Hello Lovers! I hope 2013 is treating you well. I have a question for all you beautiful people. Will you be watching Starter Wives with me

On Tuesday we’ll be introduced to new show on TLC called Starter Wives. At first I was not interested. You saw “Hollywood Exes.” It was a bunch of middle aged women discussing  the lives of luxury they used to have but not really giving us anything else.  I originally thought this show was going to be more of the same thing until I learned about the cast. Before we discuss the cast, I must warn you, the term “wives” is being used in “Basketball Wives” sense, which is not really. There are like 2 real wives but the majority of the women are baby mamas/ex-fiances. On to the cast members who have caught my eye and made we want to give this show a chance. 

  • Josie Harris: Ex-fiance of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is she the one who was involved in that domestic violence case that landed Money Mayweather in jail? Will she spill the tea about Mayweather’s homoerotic bromance with 50 Cent? Depending how she plays this I foresee a  book deal in her future. I mean, they gave Toya Carter a book and she doesn’t even have a GED. 
  • Liza Morales: Baby mama of Lamar Odom. Will she be throwing shade at the Kardashian Klan?  How does she feel about not getting the ring after 2 kids then Lamar Odom went on to marry Khloe after knowing her only 30 days? Will she show her kids on this show while we’ve never seen them on any of the 5011 Kardashian shows? I’m rooting for Liza.
  • Tashera Simmons: Wife of DMX. I’m sure Tashera has some DMX crack tales we’ve yet to hear. On Couples Therapy we learned that DMX has approximately 7 side babies. The long history, rise & fall from stardom and all around messiness will make great TV.  
  • Monica Joseph-Taylor: Wife of DJ Funkmaster Flex. Am I the only one who thinks Funk Flex is hiding something? I don’t know what the something is but I want Monica to tell.
  • Zakia Baum: ex-girlfriend of rapper Maino. Maino is like a less classy version of Jadakiss (which I like). As a result, I know Ms. Zakia has some stories. I want to know if she was on the scene when Maino was incarcerated for kidnapping and a laundry list of other things. 

Yesterday Wendy Williams reported that 50 Cent’s baby mama Shaniqua was supposed to be a castmember but pulled out at the last minute. I’m guessing 50 cut a bigger check than TLC did. The cast also includes Cheryl Caruso the ex-wife of alleged Mobster Phil “Philly” Caruso. We have a show for mob wives called Mob Wives so I could probably live without her but I’m not knocking the hustle.

All in all I think this show could get a spot in my Tuesday night lineup if these women spill the appropriate amount of tea. The appropriate amount being enough to keep it interesting but not too much where it seems like they’re bitter.  

So, will you be watching? Comment below and let me know! 

The Khloe K. Problem

Last year we discussed the Kim K. problem. The Kim K. Problem is that girl we all know who is always madly in love with their flavor of the month (think Kim K. or Royce). Click: if you need to catch up on that discussion. 

After thinking about my own emotional walls, I began to wonder. Could I be susceptible to the Khloe K. “Problem?” Not being considered the ugly duckling but having emotional walls after a few bad relationships then all of a sudden falling head over ankles for someone when you didn’t expect it. 

Let’s discuss!

For those of you who aren’t aware of Khloe’s back story. . .she had been lied to and cheated on (both on & off TV). Then she met Lamar Odom fell madly in love and got married 1 month later. Now she speaks to him in baby talk and they drink from each other’s mouth. Seeing that made me think, at what point do your emotional walls stop holding some things out but rather holding a lot of things in? 

There was a time when walking around for hours doing nothing in particular and staying on the phone all night was normal. Then things went very far left. That beautifully innocent love got traded for Project Girls calling me from blocked numbers to explain that they’re tired being Girlfriend #2 and they’d like nothing more than to have my top spot. Then I began to ask myself, what is this all for? Do we all just have our hearts open Kim K. style for no good reason? Of course when you first fall for someone you never imagine he’d go Anthony Weiner and start sending d*ck pics online. How does one recover from these kinds of things?

If any of you have the answer please tell me. Is there a way to remain smart about this when love is stupid (practically) speaking? I’m afraid that since I’ve become so good at avoiding being vulnerable and thinking I’m special enough to beat statistics I could be ripe for a Khloe K. situation.  I ask because I have no problem being crazy; crazy in love is an entirely different story. 

Is it possible to go from situations that  even the greatest fiction writer couldn’t imagine to falling madly in love, ignoring logic and statistics and thinking that putting my closest friends in bad dresses from David’s Bridal is what I want for my life? This, I must know. 

While this has turned out to be more of a barrage of questions to which I have no answers than the whit and sarcasm I normally give, I ask that you just roll with me.