The “Fast Girl” label fails Black Girls


It’s been forever, I know. I’ve missed this platform but #SurvivingRKelly has brought me out of writing retirement. I originally planned on skipping the R. Kelly docu-series altogether because we know what he is at this point. The cult story came out nearly 2 years ago and that was 20 years after he married Aaliyah at age 15 but the social media discussions were so widely varied, I got curious. 

The documentary presents so many issues which deserve further examination but I want to focus on the narrative about the fast/fass girl” angle. In my part of the African-American community, fast was literally the worst thing you could be or be perceived to be as a young girl. In short, a “fast” girl is a girl who is a sexual being. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, just imagine a less sophisticated but way more problematic version of slut-shaming. I’ve been slut-shamed as an adult and accused of being “fast” as a child. Being accused of being fast was way, way, way worse. Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 Premiere Brain Drops


Hey Lovers, 

I know it’s been forever. I come to you as a humble servant of the Lord and ask for your forgiveness. Last night, I reluctantly watched the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. After Ms. Mona disrespected with the last couple seasons of Love & Hip Hop. Keep reading for some of my thoughts.  Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Brain Drops

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Hey Lovers, 

It’s been awhile. I hope 2016 is treating you well. I was very content with my decision to no longer write about Love & Hip Hop NY. I’m convinced Ms. Mona and her staff no longer care. They’re forgetting to pretend that the show is real. If they don’t care, why should I? Well, a friend let me know she misses commentary. I can’t let down friends who are also readers. So here it is. Keep reading for my brain drops on this week’s latest episode. 

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