Love & Hip Hop NY Reunion Brain drops


Hey Lovers,

Work has been insane so I didn’t get to watch the stories live. Keep reading for a few of my thoughts about Monday night’s events in no particular order.

  • Nina is not the right host. Nina is good one on one but she cannot command the cast in the way that would make the reunions more civilized. They need to get someone messy but experienced like Wendy Williams but I’m guessing Ms. Mona isn’t about to pay Wendy’s fee.
  • Am I the only one surprised that Ms. Mona paid for Asia’s flight from London?
  • I can’t be the only one who finds Swift filthy. He always looks dusty like he needs a shave, haircut and good scrub.
  • Why was Cardi B dressed like a receptionist?
  • I will live a happy life if I never again see Cardi’s sister. As I tweeted, I can’t stand Hennessy; the cognac nor Cardi B’s sister.
  • The best line of the season is still “I didn’t have sex with your man but now I’m going to.” Talk about a read. Sheesh
  • They need to change the name of the Creep Squad to the Creepy Squad because every member disgusts me. Peter Gunz has grandkids older than his youngest kids. Rich is perpetually dressed like a washed uncle at a family reunion. Cisco is a thirst bucket like no other and DJ Self’s eternal smirk confuses me.
  • I wish Mariah Lynn would go back to the group home. She was dressed like a Public Assistance My Little Pony aside from the fact she stole her only good one-liner from Joann The Scammer. I definitely believe Mariah was calling for help on her groceries.
  • Yandy “revealed” that she’s just as married as Kimbella which is not at all. Why does she keep flashing her ring? If Mendecees drops dead today, Yandy and her 2 kids will be in the same position as Erica & Samatha. In the eyes of the law, ain’t no such thing as half way married.
  • I wish Kimbella would start selling waist trainers or Fashion Nova dresses because minding everyone else’s business isn’t a profession and honestly, Juelz probably doesn’t have another hit in him. 
  • I want Remy & Papoose to have their own show. They’re too good for the cesspool that this is Love & Hip Hop. 
  • Cisco needs Iyanla. I can’t take the constant outbursts and husky boy tears. 
  • This reunion made me think that next season we need an entirely new cast. Literally everyone needs to go. The Creep Squad is damn near ready for Medicare. I don’t care about Bianca, Mariah, Drewski, Snoop’s gay for the stay girlfriend or Juju’s book. Kimbella’s best days are long gone. Peter, Tara & Amina and Yandy & the Baby Mama Brigade are lowering the race with all this reckless child-rearing and man-sharing.

Did you watch last night? What did you think? Comment below and let me know!

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