The “Fast Girl” label fails Black Girls


It’s been forever, I know. I’ve missed this platform but #SurvivingRKelly has brought me out of writing retirement. I originally planned on skipping the R. Kelly docu-series altogether because we know what he is at this point. The cult story came out nearly 2 years ago and that was 20 years after he married Aaliyah at age 15 but the social media discussions were so widely varied, I got curious. 

The documentary presents so many issues which deserve further examination but I want to focus on the narrative about the fast/fass girl” angle. In my part of the African-American community, fast was literally the worst thing you could be or be perceived to be as a young girl. In short, a “fast” girl is a girl who is a sexual being. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, just imagine a less sophisticated but way more problematic version of slut-shaming. I’ve been slut-shamed as an adult and accused of being “fast” as a child. Being accused of being fast was way, way, way worse. Continue reading

BET Awards Brain Drops


Hey Lovers, 

I didn’t get the chance to watch the BET Awards with you live for the entire show because I wasn’t home then I fell asleep. This morning, because I love you, I caught up on the performances and red carpet fashions that I missed. I don’t have anymore pictures because I’m writing this on my lunch break (don’t tell anyone) and if you’re reading this you have the Internet too. I’m just going to give you a few of my thoughts on the performances I missed in no particular order. Think of it as a freestyle.  Continue reading



Hey Lovers, 

Last week, I was at work, minding my business when I saw a blog post about Lil Wayne dropping a new mixtape. I was totally confused. Last I had heard Lil Wayne and Baby were in the midst of a breakup. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen to it here here.

When I first started listening to Lil Wayne he only had 1 child; think about that.  I, like many know that Lil Wayne’s best work is on mixtapes. That made me want to listen. I was hoping that the recent events would make him get back to his No Ceilings self. After listening to this mixtape the only thing I can say is, fix it Jesus.  Continue reading

Sweet Yeezus

If you haven’t heard by now, Monday, Kanye West visited The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105.1. If you haven’t heard it, check it  out here:

Let me begin by saying I loved this interview! He gave us the Kanye Crazy we love and a social message that people need to hear. Let us not forget that there is a thin line between genius and insanity (see Howard Hughes). After listening to this interview I think Kanye needs an outliner. He needs someone to organize his thoughts old school style. You know Roman Numeral “I”, sub point “A”, sub-sub point 1. . .

There were some Yes Yeezus moments and and even more WTF moments. Let’s discuss! The following moments had me saying “Yes Yeezus”

  •  Black people don’t have old Jewish moneyYou already knew that. 
  • He gets sonned by Nike. This made me feel a little sad. If Kanye West gets sonned by Nike what chance is there for the rest of us?
  • There are no Black suit designers. Immediately I thought about Sean John but then again there are exactly zero Wall Street bankers wearing Sean John suits while they close the deals that will probably ruin the economy (again).
  • Obama & no money v. Bush’s oil money. George Bush led us into 2 wars with little opposition. Obama gave everyone healthcare and they shut down the government. 
  • He wanted to learn Jay-Z’s likability. Don’t all of us want to be better?

There were a few moments when I felt like I should’ve been high or Kanye got too high before the interview. 

    • God told him to wear a kilt. I didn’t know the Lord influenced fashion choices. 
    • Tupac of Product. I’ve listened to the interview 3 times and I still don’t know what that means or what it’s supposed to mean. If you know please let me know. 
    • World War Z. If this is WWZ how did I miss wars A through Y? 
    • Eve, Adam, illegal nudity. I’m with Charlamagne in my confusion. Someone who wants to sell clothing shouldn’t be upset that being naked is illegal. 
    • Hunger Games. File this in the same drawer as the “Tupac of Product.”

If I were directing the Yeezy’s movie I’d insert the intro “Money, Power, Respect ” where Lil Kim says “First you get the money, then you get the power. After you get the power ***** gonna respect you.” It is easy to call Kanye crazy. However, if you take out the parts about Kim being Marilyn Monroe and the desire for a White trash video and think about his point about the billionaires he’s actually on to something. Lucky for you, I did the research so you don’t have to. I checked Forbes. Kanye is right about there being 7 Black billionaires. They are:

  • Oprah $2.8B
  • Aliko Dangote, Nigeria, Sugar/Flour & Cement $16.1B
  • Mohammed Al-Amoudi, Saudi Arabia, Oil $13.5B
  • Mike Adenuga, Nigeria, Oil $4.7B
  • Patrice Motsepe, South Africa, Mines $2.9B
  • Isabel Dos Santos, Angola, Investments $2B
  • Mo Ibrahim, Sudan/Britain, Investments $1.1B  

Now that we know the only 7 Black billionaires names according to Forbes, let’s think. 4 of the top 10 richest people in the world are Waltons, of  Walmart fame. Each of them are worth about $32 billion. In other White people stay winning news, let us not forget that if King, I mean, Mayor Bloomberg lost $28 billion he would still have Oprah’s money. This made me remember Chris Rock’s “I’m not talking about rich. I’m talking about wealth skit.” If you’re unfamiliar with it check it out here:

Finally, I really need to understand why Kanye kept cheer-leading for Drake. He said it’s Drake season multiple times. To that I say “since when?” Do you feel like it’s Canadian, biracial, Jewish, actor, rapper/singer season? Let’s file that under the visionary stream of consciousness. After this interview I wish MTV still did “Diary.” I’d love a few days worth of Kanye Crazy. I’m not a God but I am a little crazy which is why I’m into Kanye-type rants. Thanksgiving is upon us. We should be thankful that Kanye feels marginalized enough to give us Olympic level crazy.   

What are your thoughts on the interview? Loved it? Hated it? Comment below and let me know!  

Jigga Who?

Photo from

Photo from

Hello Lovers,

Have you listened to Constitution Ten Commandments, Dead Sea Scrolls 95 Theses, Magna Carta Holy Grail? Did you see Jay-Z on Bill Maher? Did you see the “film” that followed on HBO? Let’s discuss!

When I heard the title “Magna Carta Holy Grail” I came up with a theory. The theory is, Jay-Z needs to leave us alone, musically. After listening to Emancipation Proclamation I Have A Dream, I mean Magna Carta Holy Grail, multiple times, I think my theory is correct. Jay-Z is in the Michael Jordan Wizards stage of his rap career. Magna Carta Holy Grail actually drained me. As I listened to “Tom Ford” I thought “maybe if you popped molly this song would be more interesting.”

Am I the only one who found it a little creepy when he said “twerk Miley” at the end of “Somewhere in America?” Miley is about 20-21 and Jay-Z is 43 aka old enough to be her daddy. Further, Miley is already running around saying she wants a “Black sound,” lines like that just encourage her and I’m not here for it.

I’m also tired of the Jay-Z Beyonce collaborations. I know there are some members of the Beyhive who will read this. . .just hear me out before you attempt to snatch my wig. Jay-Z and Beyonce songs used to be amazing, “Upgrade U” and “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” were great songs. Part II or whatever it’s called is a yawn. What many bandwagon rap Beyhive fans tend to forget is that “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” was a remake of a Tupac song. A remake is good. A remake of a remake; not so much. I guess Beyonce whispering “bad bitch” was something we don’t get her from very often but I could live without it. I could also live without him referring to her as his “baby mama” even if she is harder than a lot these ^199a$.

I decided for sure that Jay-Z was out of material when he referred to Foxy Brown in “Picasso Baby.” Foxy Brown is on Instagram trying to sell virgin hair; the same business as Cam’ron’s fiancee. Nas accused Jay-Z of messing with Foxy Brown on Ether.  Who waits so long to address a rumor? It’s become clear that when it comes to Jay-Z’s music the problem isn’t his flow, the problem is his dough.


When I heard Jay-Z performed the same song for 6 hours, le sigh was my reaction. When I heard that a band, The National, had already done that I was baffled. Jay-Z used to start things. Now, he’s doing things other artists have already done. When I saw that it would be a film on HBO I got curious. I had so many questions. Is it hard physically to perform for so long? Did he take water breaks? Did he have to put special soles in his construction Wheat Timbs? Was he lip syncing? I could continue.

After I watched the “film” and Bill Maher none of my questions were answered; not 1. First of all, I think it is a stretch to call 15 minutes a “film.” Wasn’t the B.I.G. full length “hypnotize” video about the same length and it was just a music video? What I don’t understand is how Jay-Z gave us 15 minutes about something that probably should have been 30 minutes or an hour but Beyonce gave us 90 minutes on something that could’ve been done in 15 minutes.

On Bill Maher, Jay-Z spoke about rap and art’s common underground history. I was actually looking forward to his “film” being artsy and intellectual. I thought there would interviews with Marina Abramovic, David Blaine or Lady Gaga about performances. Instead we got a highlight reel of celebrities and some less well known artists with no mention that he was actually there doing the same song for 6 hours. I saw very little art and very little intellect. I actually would’ve been more satisfied with a rerun of Jay-Z’s first HBO event back when Freeway was on his label. That concert had special guests like Missy and performances of songs that were actually good.

After seeing the “film” I just want to resurrect the old Jay-Z.  The “I want a chick who practice Tai Chi but still can buy weed” Jay-Z. The “we don’t believe you, you need more people” Jay-Z. The “if your man got you baggin’ up it could be worse, just put a little in the baggie, a little in the purse” Jay-Z. The “I’m not a businessman I’m a business…man” Jay-Z. The “I am a hustler baby, I can sell water to a whale” Jay-Z. I’d even settle for the “You got Baby money, keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money” Jay-Z.

After Magna Carter Holy Grail and “Picasso Baby” I think Jay-Z should focus on raising Blue Ivy, sending young women fancy cars, and sports management.

Did you see Picasso Baby? Did you listen to Magna Carta Holy Grail? What did you think? Is Jay-Z the rap Gaga or rap Grandpa?

Comment below and let me know!

Rasheeda, call me

Rasheeda's Twitter selfie

Rasheeda’s Twitter selfie

Hey Lovers, 

Since today is a holiday let me start by saying Happy Independence Day! Since I’m off today like you probably are, I told myself I was not going to blog. That was true until I was going through my inbox and found Rasheeda’s video. The video was posted on Worldstar Hip Hop of course. I posted the video below for you to see. Normally this is the point where I say we should discuss it. After you watch it, you’ll see there’s not much to discuss. I just ask all of you to DM Rasheeda my number because she clearly is lacking in the ideas arena and I have plenty.

When we first saw the video shoot on Love & Hip Hop I thought the main problem was going to be the fact that a middle age woman pregnant woman was going to be rapping about a sexual position. After watching the video it’s apparent that the pregnancy is not the problem; Rasheeda’s vocabulary is. I really do not know what kind of GED lyrics those were but I could not deal. I’m actually sure that this video was the first time I’ve heard a Rasheeda song and Lord willing it will be my last.

After seeing this video I think Rasheeda needs to stick to that ratchet clothing line and get into the weave and makeup business because there is no way those raps will ever anywhere other than Worldstar.

What do you think of Rasheeda’s “rhymes?” Comment below and let me know!   


By now you’ve probably heard about Kanye West’s new song “Theraflu” first brought to us by the Big Dog Pitbull (I don’t know if he still uses that line but just roll with me) Funkmaster Flex. The song is with DJ Khaled and produced by the same genius who brought us N*99a$ in Paris. If you haven’t heard it click: to listen. The addicting beat is not what brings me to write about this. The mass amount of shade is. 

As someone who is an avid reality TV junkie and hip hop fan I think I can provide some analysis to people who are only one or the other. Let’s discuss! 

I really think this song should have been called “Nyquil” because I needed a deep sleep after Kanye spit the following:

And the whole industry wanna fuck yo’ old chick
Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz
And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim
‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him
Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thing
Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop ‘im from the team
La familia, Roc Nation

For those of you who aren’t rap, sports or reality fans allow me to catch you up. Kanye is admitting he fell in love (read: had sexual relations) with E! Reality Star Kim Kardashian while she was falling for Kris Humphries. Kanye then goes on to say Kris is lucky he didn’t have his BFF and my Brooklyn Brother Jay-Z drop him from the Nets. While you may know Jay-Z is part owner of the Nets, before Kim Kardashian, you may not have not known that Kris Humphries plays for the Nets. The “old chick” Kanye mentioned at the beginning is Philly native, former stripper Amber Rose who is now madly in love with Used Q-tip Wiz Khalifa but there were whispers of a brief tryst with none other than Kim’s ex Reggie Bush. 

I have a few theories about all of this. Now that Amber has “verified” Kim was sexting Kanye while they were an item, I’m thinking the whole Reggie & Amber thing might have been a bit of that sweet nectar known as revenge. Well played Ms. Rose; well played. 

After watching so many episodes of the Kardashians on E! I’ll admit, I was very confused after hearing “Theraflu.” From the show it’s clear that Kim will let her pap smear be filmed if she (and her mother) think it will keep her relevant. We also know Kim has an affinity for “dark meat” from her long romance with Reggie Bush. Let us not forget she got “on” by making a sex tape with Brandy’s brother. I thought to myself, why would she marry an unknown, funny looking, racially ambiguous, basketball player from Minnesota if she could’ve had Kanye “Been Crazy” West? I don’t know about you but I’d much rather double date with Jay-Z & Beyonce than Kris Humphries dumpy looking sister. 

My theory is, Kim knows Kanye probably wouldn’t be willing or able to participate in a wedding special and the never ending Kardashian spin offs. I also have the sneaking suspicion her thirst ego wouldn’t allow her to be less famous than her significant other. After all, while Kanye West is crazy like a fox, he’s famous for doing something and Kim calls club appearances “work.”  

Out of this whole thing, I think Amber Rose may be the winner. She tried to turn her 15 minutes of fame into 15 and a half with those songs she made and she’s clearly happy in her current relationship with the anorexic pothead Wiz Khalifa. Good for you Amber, keep living the stripper American Dream.

I think Kanye needs to switch up his meds. On the “Deuces” remix he told us Jay-Z finally convinced him not to run his mouth so when anyone asks who, he doesn’t know who they’re talking about. But last night, he talked about several people who no one else was talking about. We know Kanye has the power to pluck women from obscurity and make them known to all of us after he takes them to Fashion Week, dumps them then raps about them but gets upset when people ask him about it interviews. Let’s just keep him away from Magic City, King of Diamonds and Sue’s Rendezvous (those are strip clubs for those of you who are unaware). This bitter ex role is not what I want from him. While it is entertaining, I feel like he’s one melt down away from going “Chris Brown.” I want the “George Bush doesn’t like Black people” Kanye back.