Forever Young?

Now that MTV, BET and VH1 are mostly out of the music business it’s rare that I see any videos. Over the weekend I came across Beyonce’s video for “Party” on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. Of course after 1 second Beyonce managed to astonish me. No, I don’t mean by letting her sister get in the video with those Janet Jackson in Poet Justice braids, but that kind of offended my eyes too. The first line I remember was “I may be young but I’m ready.” It made me think, at what age can you no longer call yourself young? Beyonce is 30.

Obviously since living beyond 80 is no longer uncommon, 30 is not old but is it still young? As I write this, I’m starting to think maybe I over think pop music. Maybe the problem isn’t that a 30 year old woman is calling herself young. Maybe the problem is me, a person who thinks lyrics should make some kind of sense. I am just as befuddled  now as I was when Mrs. Jay-Z made “single ladies.”  As usual, I digress.

Back to the original topic. I was always told that you want to take of yourself while you are young so that you won’t look like an old shoe as age. We know that we’ll always be relatively young since there never seems to be a shortage of old people. I’ve witnessed women say things like “I’m not old, I’m 37.” I think to myself, “you may not be ‘old’ but young has left you too.” That might be mean of me but I’m still a work in progress. Pray for me.

I still really need to know. Is calling yourself young the way to make sure you are always as young as you feel? Or, is calling yourself young after 30 a stretch?

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