BET Awards Brain Drops


Hey Lovers, 

I didn’t get the chance to watch the BET Awards with you live for the entire show because I wasn’t home then I fell asleep. This morning, because I love you, I caught up on the performances and red carpet fashions that I missed. I don’t have anymore pictures because I’m writing this on my lunch break (don’t tell anyone) and if you’re reading this you have the Internet too. I’m just going to give you a few of my thoughts on the performances I missed in no particular order. Think of it as a freestyle. 

  • The Janet Jackson tribute left much to be desired but I loved the fact that Ciara wore her “Janet” wig. 
  • Speaking of the Janet tribute, I also liked Tinashe. I just hope she can really blow up. I’m not saying she’s in danger or anything. But, she is a light skinned singer which means she’s at risk of having a baby by Lil Wayne which would be great for her pockets but terrible for her career. I just want her to win is all I’m saying.
  • Can you or someone you know explain Kendrick’s new “look” to me? I don’t understand why he looks dirtier now that he’s released his second album. We know Dr. Dre’s checks ain’t bouncing so what gives?
  • I think this would be a great place for a us to have a moment of silence for all of Bad Boy’s fallen. I’ve been saying Diddy is the devil. He’s really the only one who has stayed on Bad Boy alive and unscathed. Think of all the people who were missing last night:
    • Donnie
    • Day 26
    • Danity Kane
    • Da Band
    • Yung Joc
    • Dawn & Kaleenah
    • Dream
    • Craig Mack
    • Shyne (he’s not allowed back in the US but he did go to jail for Diddy)
    • Total
    • Lil Cease
    • Lil Kim’s first and second faces
    • Cassie. I know she’s Diddy’s Main now but she did start out as his artist. 
    • Biggie (RIP)
  • While we’re on the topic of Bad Boy:
    • Why did Diddy let French Montana’s ol’ special education ass kill the vibe with his Hot N*gga verse? Am I the only who was thinking, that it was about vintage Bad Boy and French Montana is not n*gga? 
    • As I listened to 112 sing “peaches & cream,” I remembered what’s missing from today’s music; imagination. We know what the symbolism is. If that song were written today it wouldn’t even be the same. It would just be August Alsina singing something along the lines of “show me your p***y before I put my d*** on your lips.” 
  • Why was Tamar wearing her church anniversary dress on stage?
  • Why did K. Michelle steal one of Nicki Minaj’s costumes? While we’re on the topic of Ms. Michelle, she needs to leave us alone with her fake ass. Last night it looked detachable. I wish she would’ve left it in the dressing room.
  • As soon as I’m a senior citizen, I’m getting that pants suit Patti Labelle was wearing.
  • What has Omarion been doing that he couldn’t even attempt to sing the words to “Posed to be?” It would’ve made more sense for him to just leave the mic backstage and dance through is whole verse. That’s facts no printer, see what I did there?
  • Why were Amber Rose & Blac Chyna dressed alike? There are very few reasons for 2 grown women to dress like alike and NONE of them apply to those two. Don’t forget to Tweet me when Blac Chyna finally puts dem paws on Kylie Jenner. I’m not condoning violence but I feel like TMZ is gonna capture it anyway.
  • I would’ve like Fetty Wap’s performance had I not known that his locs are fake. I don’t know who started that trend but it needs to stop; immediately. Fake locs shouldn’t be a thing.
  • We know the THOT factor is always sky high at the BET Awards but why did they keep showing that girl with the 2 tone quick weave?
  • When I saw Busta’s jacket I kept expecting him to jump on stage and start “put your hands where my eyes can see”
  • My favorite overall performance which I did not see live was Alicia Keys & The Weeknd. I just want him to go all the way with his haircut so I can lust for him properly.      

Did you watch the awards? What was your favorite part? Comment below and let me know! 

One thought on “BET Awards Brain Drops

  1. I totally forgot all about Donnie… This just brought me back to days when I watched MTV… I agree with all of the above.. I could have gone without Alicia on The Weeknd’s record tho. I wish JJ would have given us an 8 count for old times sake, but I guess she’s holding out for those ticket sales… Overall it was pretty good..

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