Makeup Collection & Storage

My Vanity

Hey Lovers, 

Many people have requested a vanity tour so here it is! The picture above is a view of my vanity that sits in my Beauty Room. 






I keep my primers in the first drawer. 








I keep lipsticks, large blushes, eye shadow palettes, and loose powders in the drawer 

Eye primers







In the second drawer I keep eye primers & bases and brow products 

Single shadows & quads







Most of my single eyeshadows are from MAC and Sephora

Mascaras & liners







I keep mascaras and cream/gel liners together. Tip: Buy minis of mascaras that you want to test before spending $20+ on full sizes

Foundation collection   






Here’s my foundation collection except for the Lancome which is stays on my vanity for daily use







I keep my concealers and contouring products together 








Let me see you blush! 

Bronzers & highlighters







There is a such thing as being too bronze but no such thing as owning too much bronzer

Clear & sheer lip glosses







Clear & sheer lip glosses (and a few lip crayons)

Colored lip glosses















6 years ago I owned 0 lipsticks

More lipstick 






Lipsticks organized by color and brand (OCD much) 








My miscellaneous drawer 

Eye pencils & lip liners







Eye pencils & lip pencils 

Find (some of) my items here:

How do you store and organize your makeup? Comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Makeup Collection & Storage

  1. 1st of all Cindy Lou Manizer is THE BOMB! I don’t remember life before it! I’m FINALLY getting around to my DIY vanity this weekend. I’ll keep you posted when its done!

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