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Last week, I was at work, minding my business when I saw a blog post about Lil Wayne dropping a new mixtape. I was totally confused. Last I had heard Lil Wayne and Baby were in the midst of a breakup. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen to it here here.

When I first started listening to Lil Wayne he only had 1 child; think about that.  I, like many know that Lil Wayne’s best work is on mixtapes. That made me want to listen. I was hoping that the recent events would make him get back to his No Ceilings self. After listening to this mixtape the only thing I can say is, fix it Jesus. 

We know that Lil Wayne has ventured off of weed and lean into the land of pills and ‘shrooms. I’m not sure what combination of drugs he was on when he recorded this but it’s not the right one. The only good thing I can say about this mixtape is, Nicki Minaj is not on it. I’ve rejoined the Barbz after the Pink Print so I don’t want her involved in her parents fight. I wish Drake would’ve followed Nicki and avoided the mixtape. He’s on a song called “used to” rapping over a beat with bullet noises. Really Drake? There’s no crime in Canada and you were a teen actor, stay away from the tough talk.

The only mildly interesting line on the whole mixtape is where Lil Wayne referred to Birdman as an ugly duckling. This mixtape sounds like Lil Wayne just read his diary  journal over some beats. I was totally confused through each of the 17 songs.

I had no idea how far down the rabbit hole Weezy had actually gone until I heard his remix to “Drunk in love” featuring Christina Milian. We’re going to discuss Ms. Milian and her show in another post, by the way.  Christina really has a lot of nerve. Everyone knows that club singers can’t remake songs by real vocalists. I’m not even a member of the Beyhive and I was totally offended. The chorus says “we gon’ be fu*kin all night, we ain’t making love.” As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the song trying to find something positive to say but we really did not need to hear about Christina Milian riding Lil Wayne’s “skateboard.”

The only thing worse than Lil Wayne and C. Milian’s attempt at “Drunk in Love” was Lil Wayne’s attempt at “Hot n*gga.” How do you mess up that song? All you have to do is throw a couple words together that rhyme and add n*gga; it’s a formula. Or you could go the Remy Ma route and add b*tch. See Nique stays beat b*tch. And if you ain’t take a seat b*tch. This lipstick is out yo’ reach b*tch. See what I did there? It’s not that hard. Maybe I should rap.  I digress. 

This mixtape is so bad I almost wanted to pray for Lil Wayne but then I remembered that he has $140M so he’ll be fine. I’ll just hope that the old Weezy returns. The “New Orleans n*gga, I get superdome” Wayne. The “they locked the CEO up and I’m the CEO, fu*k” Wayne. The “I be wildin like Capital One, what is in your wallet” Wayne. The “we don’t need a bus pass to bust yo’ ass” Wayne. The “no ceilings muthaphucka good morning, d*ck in your mouth while you’re yawning” Wayne.

After listening to Sorry 4 The Wait 2, I really wish Lil Wayne would’ve waited because he’s clearly too far in his feelings to actually rap anymore.   

Did you listen to Sorry 4 The Wait 2? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! 

2 thoughts on “#Sorry4TheWait2

  1. ha! Now I have to take a listen. So it sounds like Baby was right… It wasn’t ready to be realized. The last couple albums by lil Wayne have been trash. These guys gotta get off the drugs. Good read thsnks!

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