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Hey Lovers, 

Last week, I was at work, minding my business when I saw a blog post about Lil Wayne dropping a new mixtape. I was totally confused. Last I had heard Lil Wayne and Baby were in the midst of a breakup. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen to it here here.

When I first started listening to Lil Wayne he only had 1 child; think about that.  I, like many know that Lil Wayne’s best work is on mixtapes. That made me want to listen. I was hoping that the recent events would make him get back to his No Ceilings self. After listening to this mixtape the only thing I can say is, fix it Jesus.  Continue reading

Consequence’s consequences

Love & Hip Hop Season 3

Love & Hip Hop Season 3 Jen & Cons

Hello Lovers!

Let me start by saying “Happy New Year” since this is my first post of 2013. Last night on Love & Hip Hop we were introduced to Jen “used to have a pen,” and her baby’s daddy Consequence along with his very pronounced overbite. At first I didn’t want to like Consequence because his overbite and the fact he lives in Staten Island makes it hard for me to take him seriously. Then, Jen started talking. She was calling herself a housewife but she’s not married; strike 1. Later, she told Consequence that he had to increase the budget for their son’s first birthday party because her family is expecting her to ball out since she’s with a “big rapper.” That ladies and gentlemen was when I was finished with Jen and her alleged pen.

People on Twitter and Facebook were divided. Some people claimed that it was wrong for Consequence to limit the budget. Others including me thought it was totally reasonable for Consequence to tell Jen if she wanted more than what they agreed on then she should find a way to pay for it. Let’s explore this.

I know being a marginally known rapper’s baby’s mama is an emerging industry but does that mean that these women are entitled to a come up against the man’s wishes? We can all agree that every man no matter what the income should support his child. However, does that mean that if the man has a lot of cash he has to finance whatever overpriced extravagant thing the mother thinks the child should have?   I don’t think so.

Further, just because the father is of substantial means, does that mean the mother never has to contribute? After all, doesn’t it take 2? Jen sounds like the person who wanted all the extras but expected Consequence to foot the bill. How is that fair? And anyway let’s be honest, no one, I repeat no one remembers their first birthday. Fancy first birthday parties have just become a stuntfest for the parents lately.

I’m really trying to think of an argument in favor of Jen but I can’t find one that makes much sense. She wanted a party for the child. She got a party for the child but because Consequence didn’t make it rain for a 1 year old’s birthday party, he’s the bad guy?

Dear Jen, You’re not the typical client I’d help for free but it’s clear you need someone. If you don’t like the crumbs Consequence is giving you, you have an option. While you claim to know housewives who don’t have a budget, you are not a wife. You can get a child support order and then you’ll collect checks. It may not be as much as you want but it will probably be more than Consequence wants which is victory in itself. If you don’t want to take my advice you might have to do like a lot of other women who have children and work. It may appear that having a baby seems like hitting the lottery, it isn’t. That’s all. DM me @rantraverandom if you have any further questions.

The Day I Learned

Saturday, a student at my job had to bring in a robot baby as part of her school’s “don’t end up 16 & pregnant” initiative. She had to leave class during a quiz because Robo Baby started crying. The cry is a recording of an actual baby, by the way. I had no choice but to try to help. I wanted to help not because she had been up all night and the look of desperation on her face but because Robo Baby was extra loud and I am not for high school health projects giving me headaches.

Not wanting her to miss too much class time I offered to “babysit” Robo Baby. In addition to crying when it’s hungry, needs a diaper change or just wants to be held; Robo Baby has the nerve to be the weight of a real baby. After spending approximately half hour with Robo Baby, I realized that Robo Baby is effective not only for deterring teen pregnancy; it worked to deter me too. The level of frustration and helplessness I felt while trying to keep Robo Baby quiet is almost too much to put into words.

All I know is that if Robo Baby is anything like a real baby, I learned I am currently NOT for motherhood or anything resembling it.