Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Premiere

Hey Lovers,

I didn’t get to watch the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta live. Keep reading for a few of my thoughts!

  • Joseline’s maternity French Roll had me rolling.
  • Joseline makes great TV but music; not so much. 
  • Do you know Young Dro? Is he the “real artist” Joseline claims? I can only remember him from literally one song and I can’t even name the song. He’s less famous than Yung Joc which is a feat. 
  • Is there a new diversity requirement down at VH1? Every city now has a butch lesbian “friend.” Melissa is a terrible actress and I didn’t like her press & curl. I’ll take Snoop over Melissa any day, since Snoop could actually remember her lines. 
  • Why is Joc living on a llama farm and trolling us with that Just For Me hairstyle?
  • I’m tired of Long Tits Tommie, I want her off the show. She always looks like a drunk who needs a bath.There’s no way she has custody of her kids; not with all her hoodrat shenanigans. I also don’t believe that arrest was real. People who really have been in and out of the system go to the precinct in sweats just in case they’re going to get booked. Tommie wore a knock off Herve dress knowing the cops had video of her threatening Joseline. 
  • Is Dr. Miami giving out 2 for 1 coupon codes? Mimi and Tammie came back fresh off the breast augmentation table for the season premiere.
  • It looked like Mimi was coming from a maid gig when she met Melissa & Karlie at the bar with that flannel shirt and synthetic wig. 
  • I’m not interested in Tammie’s split from Waka but if that’s the storyline that will get my fave Deb some screen time, I’m willing to persevere. 
  • Do you believe there’s a chance Kirk is Jasmine’s baby daddy? I do. Kirk’s money ain’t long enough for someone to false claim him as their baby daddy and he is the same person who denied his wife’s baby because he “pulled out.”  
  • I’m glad they didn’t bring back Scrap Deleon’s BM, the one with the braces, she was next-level trash. Guess she had to go back to working a “corporate” job and being a bottle girl on the side. 
  • Rasheeda needs to stop playing and tell us her skin regimen. She’s in her 40’s and her face is prospering.
  • I need to know the month and temperature when Joseline met Steebie. What did the forecast say for her to feel that open-toe shoes and an ankle length fur were simultaneously necessary? 

Did you watch? What did you think? Comment below and let me know. 

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