2017 Planner Review


2017 May Designs

Hey Lovers, I know it’s been nearly forever but if I told you what’s been going on, you wouldn’t believe me. Keep reading for a review of my 2017 planner and a preview of my 2018 planner. 

You may remember from my 2016 planner review that I moved away from At-a-Glance after discovering all the new systems thanks to #PlannerAddict posts on Instagram. I loved my original May Designs  planner but I got a new job and ended up outgrowing it because now I have way more things to track thanks to my new role.

Originally I switched to an 8.5 x 11 At-a-Glance planner. Turns out, that was too big. They say ask and ‘ye shall receive.  One day I tweeted May Designs letting them know that a larger version of their classic planner would help a lot of people (specifically me). Now, I’m not saying I gave them the idea for a larger planner. But I am saying that I asked and not too long afterwards, they started offering a larger version. 

The new larger May Designs planner worked great until my team became 100% travel meaning, I take 2 flights every week to work in another city. Insane, I know. With the constant beating my stuff takes thanks to the airlines, May Designs planner did not hold up that well. So, for 2018 I decided that I would go with a hardbound planner for the first time; ever. 

I still had the same needs when it came to my hardbound planner. It had to have monthly and weekly spreads. It had be big enough for me to track work and personal things but small enough that it wouldn’t take up too much room in whatever bag I’m carrying. And as always, it had to be cute. Thanks to Pinterest, I learned about Mochi Things. Mochi Things is a website full of cute things you didn’t know you needed. I decided on the Ardium planner. I was sold when I saw the week on 1 page with a grid page for notes, Post Its or stickers. 

After I bought the Mochi Things planner, I learned that Erin Condren finally made hardbound planner that was slimmer than a phonebook. Due to my low impulse control, I almost bought it but I figured Mochi Things deserves a chance (and my wallet deserves a break). 

Check the gallery for pictures of all the things mentioned. 

Do you use a paper planner? If so, which one? How do you like it? Comment below and let me know. 



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