#LHHH Brain Drops^2

Love & Hip Hop Season 2






Hey Lovers,

I was on a conference call so I was unable to watch Love & Hip Hop with you live. Following are a few of my brain drops. Enjoy! 

  • Why does Hazel still get to be on my TV? The only thing worse than her storyline is her face. The only thing worse than her face is her wig selection.
  • Do you care that Hazel and Teairra made up? I don’t. Berg isn’t coming back to the show because he put hands & feet on Masika. 
  • I cannot believe that VH1 resurrected Lil B. Now they’re selling her as a rapper but on For the Love of Ray-J she was the Godsister/Assistant.
  • Why was Lil B wearing those stirrups with kitten heels?
  • I can’t take Nas. She has an Elmo weave and her foundation isn’t the right shade.
  • Kimah is pretty in the face but looks rusty in the knees. Don’t trust a girl who’s rusty in the knees.
  • Lil B is exhausting. Her husband wrote songs for all these famous people but still has a twisted grill. Why? Lil B is good TV but she seems way too pressed over that husband who is clearly a creep. I’m wondering if she’s acting like this to cement her spot on this cast. There’s no way a real woman is that crazy over a brown-tooth man.
  • What was that trashbag looking skirt Hazel was wearing?
  • Milan’s charm bracelet was cute. You think it was real gold? I’m not sure.
  • I don’t feel bad for Fizz that the rusty-knee girl violated his house. A lot of these “models” are actually homeless. He should’ve known not to trust a chick with rusty knees.
  • If you recognize Willie, it’s because he was in Day 26, making him another person from Bad Boy using Love & Hip Hop as a retirement plan.
  • Apryl is still giving a ho vibe. I feel like she was the kinda girl who looked up to people like Evelyn Lozada. 
  • I need a straight man like Milan. My dude doesn’t leave me unattended with his credit card. I feel like I’m doing something wrong now. 

Did you watch? What did you think? Comment below and let me know!

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