Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Brain Drops

Love & Hip Hop Season 2









Hey Lovers, 

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premiered last week but I was losing my morals in Vegas, more on that later. I watched the premiere last night in order to give you some quick thoughts on it before Episode 2. Below are just a few of my brain drops. 

  • Can you please tell me what Teairra has been eating so I can avoid it? Maybe she needs to get her thyroids checked. She looks like she ate the Bratz Doll she used to be. While we’re on the topic, can we please have a moment of silence of Teairra’s taste? That red wig lets me know things are going worse for her than I thought.
  • Don’t trust anyone who buys Nicki’s lingerie. Having a fake ass does not a lingerie designer make.
  • I don’t care about Hazel-E and neither do you. What I do care about is her relationship with Katt Williams but I doubt VH1 would be generous enough to add that into the script. 
  • When I saw that Amber girl, I thought they added a trans cast member without telling us. Something about her doesn’t hit my spirit right. Well, anyone trying to be a rapper in 2015 bothers my spirit so maybe that’s the problem.
  • Ray-J is in love with the co(caine) or at least he’s acting like someone who is.
  • Who does VH1 think they’re fooling with that “apartment?” That was clearly a hotel room. Why insult us?  
  • Do you know what’s going on above Princess‘s lip? Does she need to get her lip waxed or did she have what we called “3 lip” back in the day? Whatever it is, that dark shadow above her lip distracts me.
  • I like that VH1 is showing a Black gay relationship but I hate they’re falling into the tired ass stereotype of being in the closet. Where are the men who are out and proud? This “I can’t tell my family” storyline reinforces unnecessary tropes.
  • At first I thought I would care about Apryl & Omarion since their baby was born but it seems like Apryl has a ho spirit now that she’s no longer pregnant. She’s a grown woman with a child talking about she’s trying to get back on the “scene.” I thought the purpose of being on the “scene” was to find a baby daddy with money. I’m all for moms getting their sexy back but something about a person with an infant at home wanting to hang out with Floyd Mayweather’s ex (Princess) and that blow up doll Nicki just seems a little suspect.  
  • Why does Rich Dollaz keep reminding us that he’s a magnet for the homeless and hopeless? Is there no girl with a terrible past, raggedy living situation and music industry dreams who he won’t date? I’m barely recovered from Jhonni Blaze and now he is with Moneice’s ol messy ass. 
  • We didn’t see Soulja Boy this time but I can’t wait because the girl with the Muppet hair read Nia Riley to filth last week on Instagram. If you missed it, read about it, here.

Did you watch? What did you think?  Comment below and let me know! 

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