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Hey Lovers, 

It’s been awhile. I hope 2016 is treating you well. I was very content with my decision to no longer write about Love & Hip Hop NY. I’m convinced Ms. Mona and her staff no longer care. They’re forgetting to pretend that the show is real. If they don’t care, why should I? Well, a friend let me know she misses commentary. I can’t let down friends who are also readers. So here it is. Keep reading for my brain drops on this week’s latest episode. 

  • Have I said how much I want Remy & Papoose to get their own show? Their relationship is so cute. They make me wanna punch somebody in the face then have family dinner.
  • I want Ms. Irene (Pap’s mom) to make more appearances. That wig and gold tooth reminds me years past.
  • Remy may have shot somebody but you can tell she was raised right. She calls her mother-in-law Ms. Irene.
  • How long are we going to keep pretending that Yandy is still a manager? The last client she had who was on the radio was Jim Jones and that was years ago. It’s like Yandy is trying to make fetch happen and it’s never gonna happen. 
  • I need Mariah Lynn off the show. I actually don’t believe she’s Puerto Rican. I don’t care if she does shop at Jimmy Jazz. She reminds me a light weight Rachel Dolezal. Something about her just isn’t believable. She’s too eager to be down #ByeSnowBunny.
  • I know the rest of the world loves Cardi B. I just don’t. I can’t take the dramatic acting and the twisted grill. Every time she opens her mouth I wonder why she invested in her tits before her teeth.
  • I like Bianca. Obviously, Chicken Noodle Soup was the pinnacle of career and we’ll never hear another song from her. However I feel like she’s probably a good friend. She looks like she’s fun at parties and takes cute Instagram pictures. We already know she’ll go upside somebody’s head if necessary. Those are all the makings of a good friend.
  • Can we do some due diligence on Rashidah? I don’t understand how she is a shoe consultant/maxi dress designer/manager/real estate agent. By the way, if you plan on buying her maxi dresses, don’t speak to me; ever. What I do want to know is where she gets her wigs from. Rashidah might not be able to make your rap career pop but she’s clearly the plug for some good hair.   
  • I like Lexi. Not in the sense that I want to hear her music. That would be crazy. She reminds me of that girl in high school who you would sit with in the lunch room because she was nice to talk to but not work with her in class because she wasn’t that smart. Or, am I the only person who treated people like that? I digress. Lexi is clearly a naive sweetheart. She wants her ugly friend to do well and she’s not harboring ill will. Lexi even thinks French Montana is going to work with her. She thinks we believe her arrest at CVS for stealing makeup was due to racial profiling. If she plays her cards right maybe they’ll bring her back next season to fake be in love with Rich. 
  • DJ Self needs acting lessons. He can’t recite his lines without smiling. 
  • That Rose girl disgusts me for some reason. I know she looks like somebody who does $10 wash & sets for a living but there’s just something about her that isn’t hitting me properly. I’ll wait for Mediatakeout or The Shade Room to expose her. 
  • Who does the editing? I need to know why just a few episodes ago we were told that Tara and Amina live in the same building yet Tara announced her latest mistake pregnancy from a private house in Queens. We’re not even going to discuss the fact that she probably doesn’t live there either. That couch looked like it was fresh off the Rent a Center truck.
  • Taranasha looks way smarter than she is. I knew something was off when she mentioned those morning after pills in a previous season. Her running an etiquette class is an insult to us, as viewers. Couldn’t she just fake start a hair line like everyone else? I also need to know who Taranasha thinks she fooling. She’s (at least) 35 and the mother of 2. We’re supposed to believe that she didn’t know she was pregnant until 18 weeks into it?! Girl, stop. 
  • I agree with Cardi B. We need a new person to have sex with Peter Gunz and then write an essay with the details. He has got to have the best D on the East Coast. He’s not attractive and he’s unemployed yet he’s managed to have 9 kids and (at least) 2 relationships simultaneously. It’s mind boggling.
  • The writers put in a nice twist by having Amina say the abortion bought her and Peter closer. Well played Ms. Mona; well played. While we’re on the subject can we ban any future abortion storylines? What goes on between a woman’s legs isn’t fodder for our ghetto soap operas and it’s not even shocking anymore. 

Did you watch? What did you think? Comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Love & Hip Hop Brain Drops

  1. Well as always shanique you never disappoint with the commentary…. But the latest is Amina is pregnant she showed up to reunion pregnant….i don’t know if this true but if it is…. I have nothing else and I would thoroughly understand if you no longer comment and I’d be disappointed but I would understand

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