Love & Hip Hop Hollyhuh?

Love & Hip Hop







Hey Lovers, 

I was on a call last night so I didn’t get the chance to watch Love & Hip Hop with you live. Following are just a few of thoughts. Let me apologize in advance. This post would’ve gone up sooner but someone decided to jump out the window with me on Facebook. I digress. Let’s continue. 

  • I need Miles and Amber to leave me alone. Amber who looks and lowkey sounds like a man was surprised that Miles gay. So suprised that she was willing to put her face on the ground. There is no one with the senses of sight and hearing who can’t tell that man likes men. Amber knew too. You see her first response was, “they were right.” I’m all for having things in common with my man but liking d*ck cannot be one of them. 
  • Can someone tell me how old Miles is? He and Amber keep talking about high school. They both look 40 to me but speak about high school as if they’re freshmen in college. It makes no sense.
  • The worst thing about Miles coming out to his family was his dark skin sister’s nail salon eyelashes. The rest of the scene was just nonsense. The other sister was talking about she wants to see him with a wife. Girl, stop. 
  • In case you weren’t clear on the term “diaper booty,” Nikki showed us last night. 
  • If I were a betting a woman, I’d guess that Nikki’s father cheated and her mother was one of those “but I’m still the wife” kind of women. I don’t understand why she’s always quick to label someone a side chick while never being upset that these dudes are clearly double dipping. In her mind, as long as you’re on social media together, nothing else matters. Again, Girl, stop. 
  • Why was Soulja Boy wearing that Indiana Jones looking hat at dinner? I actually like Nia. You know I always have a soft spot for the pretty slow girls. 
  • I want Brandi and Muck Mouth Max off the show. His teeth are so bad and I liked Brandi better when she was just Ray J’s assistant. Brandi is clearly trying to get a spin off and it’s never gonna happen. I was glad that her husband went to the store that sells jewelry in the front, video games on the side and does tattoos in the back to get them new rings but that whole storyline was so tired. As long as there have been studios there have been groupies, why even pretend?  
  • Tiny showed us that half-Black does crack. If you were wondering what the young people mean when they say someone is “washed” Tiny is an example. Her prettiest days are long gone. In addition to her comic book colored eyes and the fact that she’s aging like curdled milk, she still has an eyebrow ring as if it’s 2001. Why? I need to know why someone with a 20 year old child thinks blue hair is a good idea. Also, it was foolish of her to even have that cheating conversation with Brandi when TI has enough kids to fill up a short yellow bus and rumors recently surfaced that he has yet another baby. Tiny needs another job because giving marital advice ain’t for her. 
  • Can someone please tell me what Teairra is eating? I’m asking so I can avoid it. She gets bigger by the episode and I don’t understand it. 
  • That girl Nas looks like someone who would start a fight in Waffle House then be happy it ended up on Worldstar. Anyone with that color hair is clearly not to be trusted. What the hell was that vomit about? I don’t understand it. The only thing worse than the first vomit was the second one. I hope they charged her a clean up fee. Ain’t nobody got time for vomit games.  

Did you watch last night? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! 

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