Love & Hip Hop Brain Drops, 3rd Edition

Love & Hip Hop

Hey Lovers,

Sorry I was unable to watch Love & Hip Hop with you live. Following are just a few of my brain drops from the latest episode.

  • I really need Ms. Mona to admit that these storylines are just loosely based on fact. You cannot tell me that anyone with all their senses would be angry enough to fight upon hearing Miles like D. The fact that man is gay cannot be a surprise to anyone. 
  • The fact that Max’s upper teeth are clearly trying to go their separate ways but yet he put a grill on his bottom teeth offends me, personally.
  • I don’t know what was worse, Max giving Ray-J relationship advice or Ray-J drinking red wine.
  • I think Ms. Nikki Baby has body dysmorphia. Why else would someone voluntarily turn into a blow up doll?
  • Moneice is the reason I do not date dudes with baby mamas. That “family” fantasy is always there and it’s always exhausting. If your kid is 5 and it hasn’t worked out by now, let it go.
  • What does Moneice do? I need to know why she was too busy to raise her son. Don’t tell me about her issues. Being a deadbeat parent is wrong, always. It’s the 21st century. There are a million ways to not get pregnant. Don’t let someone shoot up the club then expect me to feel for you.
  • Every time Ray-J talks I just think to myself, cocaine is a hell of a drug.
  • Are we supposed to think Princess made those clothes? Ms. Mona couldn’t even bother to get a real measuring tape. She had her answer that door with a ribbon around her neck as if that was supposed to make us believe she’s some kind of seamstress. I’m sure the Instagram THOTs are waiting for Princess’s collection to hit the streets. By streets I mean Instagram because surely those rags can’t be sold anywhere; not even Cliquers. 
  • Why don’t Moneice and Princess like each other? I mean besides the fact that Moneice minds the business of everyone except her son.
  • Brandi is still trying to get a spin off. Why was she talking as if she could beat MS’s literal ass?
  • Let me know if you plan on buying Teairra’s blazers, so I can block you.
  • I always wondered what would be worse than a fashion show with no fashion. Now I know… a bathing suit, lingerie, blazer, male panty fashion show in a garage with a 10-foot runway and a 40-person audience.
  • I keep asking and I still have no answer. When is the season finale? Ms. Mona has put us through entirely too much this season.

Did you watch Love & Hip Hop this week? What did you think? Comment below and let me know.

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