Love & Hip Hop Reunion Part 1 Brain drops

Love & Hip Hop

Hey Lovers, 

Sorry I wasn’t able to watch the reunion live with you. Following are a few of my brain drops. 

  • I don’t care about Ray-J & Princess’s engagement. You don’t either. I would like to know how she gets her weave so flat. That impresses me, the fact she took a case for Ray-J doesn’t.
  • Take it from me, if there has to be a discussion about whether or not you have a roof over your head, you don’t #ByeMoneice
  • I’m usually against shaming but I need Moneice to stop. She throws things and starts fights over other people’s business but no one is allowed to comment on the fact she’s a part time mother with no permanent address. I’m glad she’s in anger management but I’m over her. I’m over her TJ Maxx purse. I’m over her excuses for not being a good mother. I’m over that Rent The Runway dress she wore to the reunion. And I’m certainly over her text message engagement.
  • I need receipts for these 156 annual racks Rich is paying in child support.
  • Why was Rich wearing a shirt, a cardigan and a blazer but no socks? Maybe he spent so much on child support he couldn’t afford socks.
  • Miles really needs to lay off that Play Dough looking foundation. It’s so distracting.
  • Why did they spend so much time on Miles being in or out the closet? Amber can cry and shake those beauty supply store earrings all she wants. I’m still not buying it.
  • Why was Amber dressed like an old ass member of the homecoming court?
  • Why was Brandi dressed that like Hoodrat Barbie? It was almost as if she went somewhere and said, “make me look like Beyonce at the Met Ball, the public assistance version.”
  • Ms. Nikki Baby’s main ingredient is plastic but she does have a good wig collection. I’m wondering if Nikki and Kylie Jenner went to the same doctor. Both of them have those detachable looking Mrs. Potato Head lips.
  • How do homeless people keep getting cast on this show? First, Moneice was a couch surfer. Then Hazel was the air mattress master. Now we heard that Ms. Kimia needed a place to stay.
  • I guess we have to watch next week to see who caught hands and feet but I’m in no rush. Willie’s hairline is the only thing struggling more than his singing career. Jason Lee looks like a gay Winnie the Pooh. It looks like Soulja Boy finally exfoliated his lips so I guess that’s the bright side. I still don’t understand why Hazel was wearing that stepmother looking wig or why Teairra was dressed like a THOT secret agent with that coat dress and bipolar ponytail. Let me know if you get it.

Did you watch the reunion? What did you think? Comment below and let me know!

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