Love & Hopeless Ep. 12

From Youtube

Hey Lovers, 

As you know, I wasn’t home to watch with you live on Monday so of course I’m giving you my thoughts now. Before I continue, I should probably disclose the fact that I have not had a full night of sleep since Friday. So, if my shade is more shady than usual that’s the reason. 

Rich Pesos had me exhausted; more exhausted than usual. He was pretending to be baffled by Jzapal’s social media life. I’m sitting here like “how Sway?” Nearly every girl we’ve seen him with is Twitter/Instagram fake famous. One would imagine that he understands that “career.”

I need more information on Jhonni Blaze. How old is she? How did she become a stripper, “witness” the prostitution game, smash Drake, get knocked for involvement in a murder and learn to play 6 instruments? Something ain’t right. I did enjoy when she put the slap-chop on Diamond. That’s only because I like mess. Lord forgive me. Pro tip: Jhonni Blaze was right about Diamond in the fight. Putting your purse down implies that you want a problem (so does removing an item of clothing). 

Does anyone know what community college let Peter Gunz speak to their students? I’m asking so I can start a petition to get it shut down. There’s no way that Peter Gunz and Madagascar are qualified to speak to anyone attending a school, even if it is a community college in the Bronx. While we’re on the topic, what class was that? Why was everyone so old? Let’s move on because I’m getting pissed that they were apparently playing in school. I loved school. I digress. 

I believe we put Diamond on the prayer list 11 episodes ago but we may have to move her to the top. There’s literally no bad decision she will not make. She dresses like there’s nothing in Pretty Girl that she will not wear. We haven’t a word about her daughter in 10 episodes. She started rocking baby hair and has the nerve to have a bad attitude when she has the face of the Grinch and the body of a farm animal. At first I was surprised that she considered bathroom sex romantic but this is the same person who called her daughter a dog. Does Diamond have a GED or a praying grandmother? How come she doesn’t know that bathroom sex does not a relationship make?

I don’t care about Tara‘s business and neither do you. I was just mad Ms. Mona had them in Dino BBQ in the morning. Doesn’t selling your soul for temporary security at list entitle them to a rib? Ms. Mona is cold. After I heard Peter’s “bars” I understood why Tara was living in that windowless apartment and why he couldn’t afford to buy Amina a wedding ring. He should start filling out job applications because rapping is not for him. Comment below and let me know what the purpose of that play date was. I don’t get it. Amina’s baby is an infant and she looked uninterested. I was wondering what happened to Juelz Santana’s rap career. Now I know. Kimbella ate it. I’ve told my male friends that these artificially manufactured “bad bitches” have a short shelf life but Lord. I didn’t know they made those Instagram THOT jeans in a size 14. Kimbella taught me something.

As I watched Yandy act like she’s lost her entire mind I had a feeling of deja vu. Then I remembered. She’s treating the other duck mouth girl the same way Chrissy treated her Season 1. Yaki, I mean, Remy was right. Your boss’s fiancee can’t fire you, even if she pays the legal fees. 

This episode should’ve been entitled “stay in the right school.” By right school, I mean one without a commercial. I’m telling myself that’s the only thing that could’ve helped any of these people. That and Jesus. 

Did you watch? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! 



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