Book Review: Wind Catcher

WC ReleaseThis fantasy adventure series is steeped in American Indian culture and so much more.

Winner: Mom’s Choice Award — Silver Metal
Winner: Awesome Indies — Seal of Approval
Recipient: Readers’ Favorite — 5 Star Review
Juliet Wildfire Stone hears voices and sees visions, but she can’t make out what they mean. Her eccentric grandfather tells her stories about the Great Wind Spirit and Coyote, but he might as well be speaking another language. None of it makes any sense.
When she stumbles upon a series of murders, she can’t help but worry her grandfather might be involved. To discover the truth, Juliet must choose between her new life at an elite private school and her Native American heritage. Once she uncovers an ancient secret society formed over two hundred years ago to keep her safe, she starts to wonder whether there’s some truth to those old stories her grandfather has been telling her.
All she wants is to be an average sixteen-year-old girl, but she has never been average-could never be average.
Betrayed by those she loves, she must decide whether to run or risk everything by fulfilling her destiny as the Chosen.
Wind Catcher is a suspenseful, wonderfully written story that will capture your attention and hold it prisoner. A book that you won’t want to escape from. Brava!” – Stephen Fisher, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews
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Here’s My Review*!

chosen wind catcher-award

Do you remember how I said I started reading a bunch of non-fiction after law school because I was afraid of becoming stupid? That’s still true but this book has turned me into a fan of the Young Adult genre. On the technical side, it also turned me into a fan of e-books. I prided myself on being “old school.” However, receiving this book digitally made me realize how much I had been missing. I was able to read on my daily commutes and even at the airport without the hassle of a physical book. I also loved being able to highlight and take notes without literally highlighting and taking notes.

When I first received details about this book I was curious because I had never heard of a father-daughter writing team. It totally worked. Juliet’s angst was captured perfectly and it’s my guess that the daughter portion of the father-daughter duo had a lot to do with that. While Juliet’s frustration came from feeling out of place at her private high school, I remember thinking some of the same thoughts when I started college (and even law school).

While the book itself focuses on the juxtaposition of Juliet’s new private school world and her Native American heritage, I was able to relate to so many aspects of the story. So many that Juliet would be my friend in my mind if she were a real person. Juliet was being raised by a single mom and her grandfather stepped in to help as a result. She has to deal with old friends and new classmates which is enough to make anyone go nearly insane when she learns that she’s been “chosen.” I pictured her thinking “How Sway?” to herself when she learned not only was she “Chosen” but the people around her knew so many things that would come to impact her life. Her regular life of dealing with private school snobs and trying to maintain her old friendships was hard enough, now she was “Chosen.” What does “Chosen” mean? Who did the choosing? What’s the connection between being Chosen and the recent murders around town? Does this mean she can never be “average” again? Who can she trust? Those are just some of the questions Juliet is forced to ponder after learning her new position in life.   

There are several parts of the story that feel like a thriller because they were described so vividly. The story takes twists and turns that are surprising but not so surprising that they make you lose respect for the authors. Who loses respect for authors? Me. I digress. The authors did an amazing job of making you guess what will come next while always making sure your guesses were wrong which is a great technical accomplishment. The ending is nothing that I even pictured as a possibility; genius. 

Wind Catcher has some fantasy elements. Initially I did not think I would enjoy a book with fantasy as an adult. I know, I’m probably I’m taking myself too seriously. The story ultimately reminded me of the original Twilight Zone from the late 50’s and early 60’s. The authors put in the perfect mix of situations so that anyone who has been a teenager could relate with the fantasy elements that added to the thrill factor. I loved that combination. The fantasy kept the story interesting while the teenage angst made it realistic enough to hold my attention.  

As an adult I have not read any book series but I will be following this one. I was left with so many questions at the end of the book. I now need answers. I need to know what will happen with Juliet’s friends and her parents to say the least.   

*I received a free advanced copy of the book for review. I was compensated in no other way for this review.  

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