The 7 Year Old Slayer

For those of you who don’t know, during my teenage years babysitting was my job. It gave me cash to buy the things my mother refused to buy. Don’t tell her I told you. So, a couple weeks ago when I heard a family friend would be spending the night with us I was low-key excited. Everyone meet Jess! She’s 7 years old and will be 8 later this year.    

Jess & Me

One of our Sleep-Over Activities was makeup application. 7 isn’t too young for her to learn about brow highlight colors, right?

Fun Facts: Jess’s aunt was my babysitter way back in the day and our families have known each other for over 40 years. 

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I was low-key excited? That’s because it had been awhile since I was around someone her age and I honestly I had no idea what kids are into these days. Cue activity #1: Rubber Band Bracelets. At first I thought this was going to be like Minecraft (another thing that kids understand but I don’t). All you need to make the bracelets are the rubber bands and your hands. The perfectionist in me was not going to let some tiny rubber bands beat me even when my fingers starting getting numb from their tightness. I persevered. Check out the finished product:  

Move over TI. We rule the bands

After we watched Lilo & Stitch and Jess told me that the fact I was in college in 2007 (the year she was born) makes me old, I realized she had won. I conceded victory and bid her goodnight as I took her to my mother so she could go to bed. 

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. After I returned from a meeting, I found Jess watching the Disney Channel. She told me she was watching a show called “Dog With A Blog” My first thought was “How can a dog blog? How does he type with paws?” That’s when I realized I’m not the target demographic of the Disney Channel. Anyway, I told Jess I have a blog. She asked to be on it. Now she’s on it! 

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