Being Mandela


Hey Lovers, 

Last week I was minding my own business watching Politics Nation with the Rev. Al Sharpton (who is my grandfather in my mind) when he showed a segment with Zaizwe and Swati, the granddaughters of the great Nelson was incarcerated for 27 years Mandela. It was a normal interview at first then Rev. Al proceeded to mention that Swati, Zaizwe, Winnie Mandela and a gang of their other relatives were going to be on a new reality show called “Being Mandela” on Cozi TV. My first thought was “What the **** is Cozi TV?” My next thought was “why?” Why are the descendants of such an icon doing a reality show? 

Since I had so many questions I decided I had to watch. I found out what Cozi TV is. For all of you who have Cablevision in NYC, it’s channel 109. I watched yesterday since The Grammy Awards, RHOA and the Shah’s finale were all ahead of the Mandelas. 

During their interview with Rev. Al, Swati & Zaizwe, the Kourtney & Kim of this series, claimed they did not want to do anything to tarnish the Mandela name and Nelson Mandela  would not be shown on the show. As I watched my mind went back to their interview. The show basically follows these 2 women and their life. They work for the Mandela museum and they’re both mothers. Zaizwe has 3 children and Swati has 1. Swati basically said she’s single and ready to mingle. During episode 1 we got to see Winnie Mandela in an age appropriate wig. We also got to see some of the Mandela great grandchildren. 

I may give this show one more episode but as of right now I’m feeling like Swati & Zaizwe must have some ulterior motive. Being Nelson Mandela’s grandchild means that you have enough connections to do whatever you want, so why a reality show?

The preview for next week’s episode showed Swati showing up to the kids’ baptism allegedly hungover. We’ll also meet their 3rd sister and see her curse out Swati. For these reasons, Swati & Zaizwe may added to the list of people who are on time out along with Keyshia Cole. To me, this would be like Martin Luther King’s granddaughters doing a reality show. Other than trying to get their 5 minutes of fame, do we really need to an icon’s relatives acting a fool on TV?

Do you think the Mandela crew needs to be on reality TV? Will you watch? Comment below and let me know! 

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