Love & Holy Sh**

From Youtube

 Hey Lovers, 

I was unable to watch Love & Hip Hop with you last night because I was the Barclays Center trying to get Chris Paul’s attention at the Nets game. Sadly, I didn’t get Chris Paul’s attention but the Nets did win the game in the last 2 minutes. Obviously it’s because I was there. Let me stop playing. I knew you would want to hear my thoughts on Love & Hip Hop posthaste so I did watch after I got home. Let’s discuss.  Continue reading

Messy Wives

Mob Wives Season 5

Hey Lovers, 

Last month Mob Wives returned to VH1. One of my good girlfriends asked me to give a few thoughts on it and as you know, I rarely (read probably never) turn down requests for my opinion. Let me begin by saying that I think this may be my last season with Mob Wives. The only thing worse than an old woman is an old desperate woman. Everyone on this show is hanging on for dear life. I think it’s time for VH1 to put them and me out of the collective misery.   Continue reading

NY Bar Beat

Hello Lovers,

As many of you may know this past summer I had to leave you. I had to leave you here, in person, and on Facebook. I had to leave you because I was studying for the mammoth that is the New York bar exam.

Last night while with 2 friends who also took the bar exam I found out that I passed (and so did they)! Fun Fact: John F. Kennedy, Jr. was unable to pass the New York bar exam on his first attempt (and his second).

In addition to having to leave you for 63 continuous days of studying topped off by 12 hours of testing over 2 days; the reward was waiting another 98 days to learn my fate. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that whole setup is inhumane.

I’m just writing this quick post to thank everyone who has taken time congratulate me. I also want to congratulate all my friends who passed too. We cried together, bitched together, ate our feelings together and now we passed. . .together! In the words of my favorite rapper, I guess I got my swagga back! Aren’t you excited that now I can be a lawyer in case my blogging career doesn’t pop?

We have some other things to discuss. I think I have an excitement hangover right now but stay tuned for posts about Hurricane Sandy and Black Girls Rock.