New Series

Hey Lovers, 

It came to my attention that some people, not you of course, think that all I do is watch reality TV. In an effort to dispel that rumor, I’m starting a new book review series. Every week (approximately) I’ll post a quick review of a book I’ve read recently. Most of the books will be non-fiction. Growing up I was really into novels and lately I’ve been obsessed with the New Yorker’s fiction podcast. However,  after I finished law school and found out that I passed both the New York and New Jersey bar exams, I was really afraid that the sudden lack of constant academic pressure for the first time in my life would cause me to slide into the same intellectual mediocrity as most of America. That thought terrified me. Check out the first review here and check back every Wednesday for the next review. 

NY Bar Beat

Hello Lovers,

As many of you may know this past summer I had to leave you. I had to leave you here, in person, and on Facebook. I had to leave you because I was studying for the mammoth that is the New York bar exam.

Last night while with 2 friends who also took the bar exam I found out that I passed (and so did they)! Fun Fact: John F. Kennedy, Jr. was unable to pass the New York bar exam on his first attempt (and his second).

In addition to having to leave you for 63 continuous days of studying topped off by 12 hours of testing over 2 days; the reward was waiting another 98 days to learn my fate. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that whole setup is inhumane.

I’m just writing this quick post to thank everyone who has taken time congratulate me. I also want to congratulate all my friends who passed too. We cried together, bitched together, ate our feelings together and now we passed. . .together! In the words of my favorite rapper, I guess I got my swagga back! Aren’t you excited that now I can be a lawyer in case my blogging career doesn’t pop?

We have some other things to discuss. I think I have an excitement hangover right now but stay tuned for posts about Hurricane Sandy and Black Girls Rock.