Messy Wives

Mob Wives Season 5

Hey Lovers, 

Last month Mob Wives returned to VH1. One of my good girlfriends asked me to give a few thoughts on it and as you know, I rarely (read probably never) turn down requests for my opinion. Let me begin by saying that I think this may be my last season with Mob Wives. The only thing worse than an old woman is an old desperate woman. Everyone on this show is hanging on for dear life. I think it’s time for VH1 to put them and me out of the collective misery.  

  • Renee. Is it just me or does Renee look like the Staten Island version of Cruella Deville? Every time she talks I wonder if she’s threatened to kill any puppies lately. I don’t get how she has any credibility with anyone after her ex husband came on the show and smashed her for the sole purpose of snitching on her father. I also need know why Renee’s son looks like he hasn’t bathed since Season 4 aired.  
  • Big Ang. I like Big Ang but her voice and appearance are really too much for me. I can’t take any woman who is near 60 but still wearing studded leggings seriously and you shouldn’t either.
  • Drita. I liked Drita once upon a time but she’s tired now too. I don’t get how she’s in the beauty world but her clip ins and makeup are always on struggle mode. If I were a betting woman, I’d say Drita’s husband still about that life. He’s fresh out of jail but he had enough money to open a business and never showed his face.
  • Karen. I think I’m the most ready for Karen to go. She came back looking like your auntie who just got lap band surgery as if she’s some kind of bad b*tch. To that I say, boo B*tch bye. Her father is literally the most famous mafia snitch ever, but she’s mad whenever someone mentions that. I found the storyline with her boyfriend funny and stupid; more stupid than funny. Don’t get me wrong. Storm looks like he can get you weed and Jordans before the official release date but I don’t get the allure of a 40 year old dude who still wears a snap-back hat to the back.
  • Natalie. I wish Natalie would just stay in Philly. I don’t know what’s worse, the way she talks or that lopsided GroupOn boob job. Natalie wants a thug but her boyfriend and his receding hairline clearly are not the ones. I just want her to leave us alone. She looks like she shops on Instagram. Don’t trust anyone who shops on Instagram.  

Am I the only one tired of seeing Victoria Gotti’s old frozen face? She’s clearly trying to get back on TV and I am nowhere here for it. First, she took that hard face to RHONJ to give Teresa Giudice’s ol’ convict ass some tea, now she’s on VH1 eating off her daddy’s criminal name. Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure her conversation with Big Ang is what turned me off from this franchise. The two of them sat together looking like old shoe leather talking about what a “gentleman” her father was. I was on my couch like, bish what? I guess gentleman  and murderous criminal mean the same thing in Staten Island. That conversation made the show “real” for me. These women are eating off of the names of men who destroyed countless families and committed more felonies than Bobby Shmurda and the Gun Squad.  

I wonder what would happen if a group of Black women came on TV with their husbands’ criminal past as a claim to ‘fame.’ Where are the widows, Baby Mothers, wives, daughters, etc. of Freeway Ricky Ross, Wayne Perry, The real 50 Cent, Supreme, Frank Lucas, Nicki Barnes and every other relatively well known Black gangster. I’m sure these women exist. I’m just playing though. We know the Powers that Be would never let that happen.        

Have you been watching Mob Wives? Do you plan on watching Mob Wives? Comment below and let me know! 

One thought on “Messy Wives

  1. So I want you to know I literally just laughed out loud… Especially when you said storm can get you weed and the Jordan’s before the release date….good job

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