Bad Girls?

Hey Lovers, 

I missed the latest episode of the Bad Girls Club because our Monday night Reality Show schedule is getting a bit out of hand. I watched Monday’s episode this morning and I figured I give you all my thoughts. Let’s discuss! 

  • Falen. What is Falen’s role on this show other than bothering me with that tacky hair color? We haven’t heard anything interesting about her life and she hasn’t done anything interesting on the show except for claiming she’s “G’ed up.” Clearly she has redefined G’ed up in the way I redefined a bunch of things in our chat yesterday. If you missed that discussion, catch up on it here: Falen, you wore an Easter hat to the club, revisit your claim of being G’ed up.  
  • Andrea. Andrea and I are the same age. When I feel badly about my life I can just watch BGC and remember that being a go-go dancer, using disagreeable weave hair and wearing endless tacky rags from Pretty Girl (Tello’s for my Boston girls) is much worse than looking for an attorney position. 
  • Julie. I like Julie. Julie has stirred the pot in so many directions and it never comes back to her. Julie is either really clever or everyone else is too stupid to realize what she’s doing. I normally don’t like instigators but I like the way she gets everyone to do what she wants all the time without question. 
  • Mehgan. Mehgan bores me. Every now and again she says 1 clever line but at this point she’s forgettable. Bye Mehgan.
  • Ashley. Is it me or is Ashley’s weave on slim fast? That’s about all I have on her. She’s a bit dizzy but that makes her harmless. Next!  
  • Christina “Jersey.” Christina is crazier than 5 K. Michelles and I love it! She makes good TV. She got a bottle of Clicquot from a creepy old man and thought she had a Basketball Wives come up. Good for her. I love people who are not high maintenance. That’s right, you’re winning with a bottle that doesn’t even come with sparklers. Good job Jersey. Am I the only one who enjoyed the “German Nazi” rant? There’s nothing like getting drunk and hurling racial insults at your ex. I’ve never done that but it seems fun. Leave some Central American jokes in the comments for me. I may want to go Christina on my ex soon.
  • Rima.  We know someone is going home next week after the fight between Rima & Christina. I really, sincerely hope it is Rima. Rima is supposedly 22 but she looks washed up and she’s very annoying. Am I the only one unimpressed by Rima’s new found backbone? Really, Rima? You’re really going to get turned up over your $6.99 Walmart foundation? Go home, raise your son. I’m done with you. 

I’m looking forward to next because I want to see who is going home. I’m kind of not ready for another replacement but if Rima is leaving, I’m all for it. 

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Did I miss anything? Let me know! 

Monday Night Mess

I know it’s been awhile but I’m finally back giving you my thoughts for entertainment and quieting the voices in my head. Below are some of my thoughts on tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives. 
  • Kenya: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Kenya isn’t from this earth. Who doesn’t know that Miami is known for nightlife?  I could go on about Kenya but that crazy eye scares me. Let’s not discuss her any further until she gets a new wig. 
  • Keisha: I’m pretty sure that genealogy lesson was a long way of telling us she’s nearly inbred. Can we retire her story line about being biracial? I’ve heard this story too many times and I’m over it. Now that she’s on the cast, can she please speak with one of the other Black women about the appropriate hair products to lay down those Black edges of her’s? I also don’t feel bad about her getting bullied by the other women. Didn’t she watch the old seasons of BBW? She’s going to be this season’s Meeka if she doesn’t understand that Tami is always a few beers and a Newport away from turning shit out. 
  • Suzi: Why is Suzi still on this show? Every episode her intelligence seems to decrease while her speech impediment gets worse. Suzi is that girl in high school who is so thirsty to be in with the in crowd that she’ll slap her grandmother and I’m not for it. Suzi’s memory is really short. How is she cracking on Tami about foodstamps when last season was the first time she realized being a baller’s baby mama isn’t something you can actually print on a resume? She either needs to get into a fist fight that’s actually entertaining or leave the cast. Anything else will not hold my interest. 
  • Royce: I like Royce but I really need her to stop shopping at Young World. 
  • Jen: I thought we spoke about those 1996 looking colored contacts weeks ago. Maybe her publicist didn’t give her the message. Did y’all catch that word she tried to use. . .”metamorph?” I guess that’s from the same dictionary as “misunderstanment” 
  • Evelyn: Ev, keep your eye on the prize. I’m pretty sure Ochocinco doesn’t want it with the Cash Money Crew. He may bench you if he noticed the way your eyes were glistening looking at Baby the way I did. I really think her speech was heartfelt she just didn’t keep it 100. She really wanted to say “thank you for putting me on. I never imagined I could make being a loud mouth, groupie/bully a career.”
  • Shaunie: I don’t want Shaunie on camera. It’s not that I don’t want to hear from her but I’d prefer her behind the camera and being the Godmother like Ms. Mona from Love & Hip Hop. I can’t say that I blame her though because some people like to see their money working for them. Sidenote: who was that man with Shaunie? Was that her Sugar Baby? 
  • Tami: I love Tami. It’s mostly because I have an affinity for most things hoodrat. I was hoping she was gonna give Suzi a swift kick over that foodstamp comment but she let me down. Oh well, there’s always next week.

That altercation was too much. After giving her “you helped me come up speech” Evelyn turned out Mr. Chow’s in front of all those White folks. She has to stop. She’s on TV; not Fordham Road. Out of all this, I think I’m Team Jen. I used to be Team Ev all the way because you always need a friend who cleans up nicely but can still whoop ass just in case a hoe gets out of line but she’s taken it overboard. There’s no need to turn out everywhere you go. I’m looking forward to next week because it’s sure to be filled with more things hoodrat. 

Is there anything I forgot? Please let me know. 

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