Sephora Haul

Sephora VIB Rouge August

Hey Lovers, 

Tis the season for Sephora discounts! Recently Sephora just had the VIB Rouge 20% off sale and a couple of weeks before they had their Friends & Family event where you received 20% off if a Sephora employee emailed you their code. Since I’m already Rouge for 2016 (praise God) I decided to keep it lowkey with purchases, until next year. Check out my picks!

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What’s in my gym bag



Hey Lovers, 

If you’re like me, you look to the Internet, blogs specifically, for most of the answers you need. A couple of months ago I joined a gym. I’ve never worked out at real a gym on a consistent basis so this was a big change for me. I got the membership through my job and I’m locked in. When I decided to join I was nervous. What am I supposed to bring? Will I be the only thick girl at the gym? What about my edges? Most of my angst was gym clothes, I must admit. I tried to find a “what’s in my gym bag?” post but none of them 100% applied to me so I had to piece together what I needed. Below are a few pictures of what I keep in my gym bag and some of my favorites. 

I got my water bottle from  Amazon and I love it. It keeps the water cold and it looks different from most other water bottles so the chances of it getting mixed up with someone else’s are low. I got a colored lock for the same reason.

I don’t shower at the gym because I’m weird like that. If you’re not going to shower, you need feminine wipes because excess moisture can cause yeast infections and ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I have 2 pairs of sneakers. I use the Reebok Crossfit sneakers for studio classes that require a lot of jumping. The toe box is flat and wide. I use the Nike Free run sneakers for the treadmill (and for anything that doesn’t match the Reeboks).

Moisture in your nether-regions can cause a yeast infection. Sweat and makeup remnants on your face can cause breakouts. I carry Purity cleanser in a travel bottle purchased from Duane Reade, astringent, and a moisturizer. I like the tea tree oil moisturizer from the Body Shop since it’s designed to minimize oil and blemishes.

I quickly learned that all sports bras are not created equal after a day of headlights during pilates. My favorite sports bra is the Knockout by Victoria’s Secret. It’s described as a bra within a bra. My favorite feature is the front zip; easy on, easy off. They’re pricey but definitely worth it. Not only will you be fully supported, the material wicks away moisture so you’ll stay comfortable. If you’re concerned about your coins like me, just keep an eye on the sale & clearance section. While these sports bras retail for $59-62, I’ve bought them on clearance for as low as $30. 

Since I go to the gym right after work, I don’t want to put my blazers on after working out without showering. Sometimes I do an outdoor bootcamp also. I got a VSX jacket that’s warm, washable and designed for sports.  

My favorite tops are from Under Armour. Check their outlet section online. I’ve found tops for as low as $20-30. I love that they’re cute and fit like regular tees. Some even have a slightly see through back. I like to add strappy back sports bras for visual interest. My particular gym bag is no longer available but you can find something similar here. As Black women we are constantly battling our hair. I got some moisture wicking headbands. At first I was skeptical but they actually work. My favorites are from Victoria’s Secret (no longer available) but Under Armour makes some similar ones. I put my hair (read weave) in a bun for the workout and make sure to cover my edges with the headband. 

Do you keep anything surprising in your gym bag? Comment below and let me know. 

My cold weather skin regimen


Seriously, do not call PETA

Hey Lovers, 

The temperature here in NYC is dropping; quickly. It feels like Fall plans on being a Winter perpetrator. As someone who still suffers from occasional acne, my hot weather regimen is important.  As someone who also suffers from eczema, my cold weather regimen is even more important because my skin tends to flake and get really itchy. Below are my cold weather skin staples because we all need to be in tiptop shape for ‘cuffin season. 

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#BBWLA Season Finale



Hey Lovers,

My DVR got possessed so I wasn’t able to watch the Basketball Wives LA season finale. Let’s discuss!

Allow me to begin by saying that I loved this episode. It was a great finale and left enough on the table to make the reunion good. Speaking of the reunion, why do they keep getting John tired ass Salley to host? He’s annoying. He reminds me of the guy who likes to be around a lot of women so people will think he’s having sex with at least one of them. Aside from that, he’s just not a good host. I need someone to get the real tea and all the shade. John Salley is like an awkward fan. They need to get Wendy Williams or Mo’Nique. I’m sure Mo’Nique is available given that whole Oscar Curse thing. OK, I’m not sure if the Oscar Curse is real but I am sure we haven’t seen nor heard much from Mo’Nique lately.

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3 Things I learned by 30


New Orleans French Quarter

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while. I spent the second weekend of March in New Orleans where I turned 30!

As the clock ticked towards March 14th, I remembered Sex & The City. I definitely used my 20’s to make the mistakes, so I want my 30’s to be about learning the lessons. Lord willing, I’ll be buying the young girls drinks when I’m in my 40’s. I digress.

On my flight and the days leading up to my trip I began to think about all the things I had learned up to that point. I decided that I wanted to enter this decade of my life with purpose. So, I thought about the biggest lessons I’ve learned thus far. Let’s discuss!

  1. Parents are people too. Growing up we tend to think our parents and other adults in our lives know everything. At least, that’s what I thought. I was wrong. That’s a lie, a big lie. As my 20’s progressed, I realized that the people who raised me are just people. I love them of course but they are fallible. They are human like everyone else. They have issues and insecurities. They can do things that are hurtful. They can do things that are selfish and inconsiderate. They don’t have all the answers. Hell, in some cases they might not have any answers which is okay too.
  1. Some relationships have expiration dates. Just because someone has been in your life forever, that doesn’t mean they have to be in your life forever. Two years ago I had to let go of a friendship that I thought I would have forever. When I told my family, they said “but you’ve been friends forever.” While long friendships are a blessing, some times they need to end. In some cases you might need to make a business decision about a personal relationship. That’s what I did. I asked myself, “what is the value added?” In that friendship, not only did I no longer know what the value added was, keeping the friendship started feeling like a burden. Of course there are ups and down in every relationship. However, when there are only downs, it might be time to move on. Don’t be afraid to move on. 
  1. Be your best advocate. The fact is: human nature is selfish. Remember “Flawless.” Remember, “We teach girls to shrink themselves.” Then, don’t shrink yourself. Find your voice. Use your voice to advocate for yourself. Advocate for yourself at work. Get the assignment you want. Get the position you want. Be deliberate. Advocate for yourself personally. This is something I’m still working on. I had to learn how to filter out the external voices in order to hear my own in some situations. I had to learn how to advocate for the treatment I want. I learned that no one is going to advocate for me, like me.

Are you at, near or over 30? What have you learned? What did you wish you would’ve learned sooner? Comment below and let me know! 

The 7 Year Old Slayer

For those of you who don’t know, during my teenage years babysitting was my job. It gave me cash to buy the things my mother refused to buy. Don’t tell her I told you. So, a couple weeks ago when I heard a family friend would be spending the night with us I was low-key excited. Everyone meet Jess! She’s 7 years old and will be 8 later this year.    

Jess & Me

One of our Sleep-Over Activities was makeup application. 7 isn’t too young for her to learn about brow highlight colors, right?

Fun Facts: Jess’s aunt was my babysitter way back in the day and our families have known each other for over 40 years. 

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I was low-key excited? That’s because it had been awhile since I was around someone her age and I honestly I had no idea what kids are into these days. Cue activity #1: Rubber Band Bracelets. At first I thought this was going to be like Minecraft (another thing that kids understand but I don’t). All you need to make the bracelets are the rubber bands and your hands. The perfectionist in me was not going to let some tiny rubber bands beat me even when my fingers starting getting numb from their tightness. I persevered. Check out the finished product:  

Move over TI. We rule the bands

After we watched Lilo & Stitch and Jess told me that the fact I was in college in 2007 (the year she was born) makes me old, I realized she had won. I conceded victory and bid her goodnight as I took her to my mother so she could go to bed. 

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. After I returned from a meeting, I found Jess watching the Disney Channel. She told me she was watching a show called “Dog With A Blog” My first thought was “How can a dog blog? How does he type with paws?” That’s when I realized I’m not the target demographic of the Disney Channel. Anyway, I told Jess I have a blog. She asked to be on it. Now she’s on it! 

Work Wail


Hey Lovers, 

Remember how I spent forever and a day in school and wrote this about what not to do in class? Well, let me begin by saying that I recently received a “promotion” at work and I am very thankful. It makes me feel like an adult which is right on time since I’ll be 30 soon; talk about the social extension of childhood. I’ve had the opportunity to work at some very prestigious organizations from the nation’s oldest legal services organization to the world’s largest investment banks.  Continue reading


Hey Lovers, 

It seems like just last week we were saying #ByePhylicia. Wait. . .that was last week. Anyway, last week I got a text that said 2 Chainz was on Nancy Grace. I looked at my phone. Then looked again and again. I kept thinking to myself “2 Chainz on Nancy Grace, that shouldn’t be a thing.” I later found out that 2 Chainz appeared on Nancy Grace to “debate” her about the legalization of marijuana. If you haven’t heard, Denver legalized marijuana. You must be over 21, you cannot drive under the influence or smoke in public. If you haven’t seen the interview check Rolling Stone.

Whenever I hear that rappers are going to appear on “news” shows I get nervous; very nervous. I have flashbacks to Cam’ron on Bill O’Reily. The only thing funnier than Nancy Grace attempting to recite 2 Chainz lyrics was the way 2 Chainz gave Ms. Grace a college educated read.  Continue reading


New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

Hey Lovers!

I hope 2015 is treating you well. I’m not one for New Years Resolutions. Why wait until Jan. 1? In my field of work, the holidays are actually the most busy because we aren’t allowed to carry certain tasks into the new year. I’ve been working like a Hebrew slave since before Thanksgiving which is why I haven’t had time to give you what you like. That said, now that things are stabilizing, there are things that I want to do. Below are just a few.  Continue reading