ClassPass Month 1 Review

img_5904Hey Lovers,

I know I’ve been totally inconsistent for the last several (7) months. As I joked on Facebook, I’m basically the Frank Ocean of blogging. Please forgive me. Now that work is calm-ish, I can get back to a semi-regular writing schedule.

Switching jobs caused me to lose my cheap membership at New York Health & Racquet Club; RIP. Since I need classes as opposed to just doing my own thing in a gym, I joined Physique 57. After my 3 months at Physique, I was looking for something else mainly because of the way my bank account is set up. In comes ClassPass. If you didn’t know, ClassPass is a third party service that charges you a monthly flat fee but gives you access to hundreds of gyms and studios. While prices are location based, you can use your membership in another city. I have the NYC unlimited plan. It costs $200/month and allows you to visit each studio up to 3 times. Keep reading for a rundown of the classes and studios I visited during my first month.

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My cold weather skin regimen


Seriously, do not call PETA

Hey Lovers, 

The temperature here in NYC is dropping; quickly. It feels like Fall plans on being a Winter perpetrator. As someone who still suffers from occasional acne, my hot weather regimen is important.  As someone who also suffers from eczema, my cold weather regimen is even more important because my skin tends to flake and get really itchy. Below are my cold weather skin staples because we all need to be in tiptop shape for ‘cuffin season. 

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Sephora & Make Up Forever #WhatMakesYouBlush Event

MUFE & Sephora

Hey Lovers,

We’ve already discussed my not so recent obsession with all things beauty. Last week I attended a VIB Rouge event at the Make Up Forever Boutique in Union Square. For 750 Sephora points a friend and I got to enjoy bite sized snacks and cocktails.  We would then meet with Make Up Forever & Sephora’s best artists who would match us with the perfect Make Up Forever HD Blush for our skin tone and teach us the proper way to apply blush for our face shape. 

photo 2 (7)

In addition to our consultations we would be able to take home our perfect shade, for free! The free blush (and cocktails) are what got me to the event. What gave me life was, the moment when I saw this sign.


Getting fabulous things for the low low and makeup are two of my favorite things. Sephora & MUFE clearly knew what they were doing. Fill me with cocktails then drain my wallet. 


I had the pleasure of meeting Josh who teaches the Make Up Forever Pro classes. We first discussed my face shape, then he applied 2 blushes. He used one on the apples of my cheeks and another as a sort of contour. I decided to choose the one he used on the apples of my cheeks, 515 Tangerine. 

MUFE HD Blush MUFE HD Blush swatch Hey Josh!

Since I had been drankin’ and the 20% off sign kept calling me I decided to get a few products. I got a Mist & Fix setting spray and 3 lipsticks. It’s a miracle I didn’t get more. The cocktails and the fact I had gone to Happy Hour before the event really had me on one, no Mama Joyce. 

MUFE Lipsticks

If any of the lipsticks look familiar, it’s because I’ve already worn 2 of them for the #NoBareLips30 challenge. As if the night couldn’t get better, we got gift bags. Who doesn’t love a good gift bag? The gift bag contained a $10 Sephora gift card, a travel sized Make Up Forever translucent powder and a double ended Make Up Forever blush brush.

MUFE 158 brush $53 image_5 (3) photo 4 (4)

Overall, it was a fabulous event. Who doesn’t want to get tipsy and save money?

$17.80 saved!

I want to thank my resident lunch buddy Nicole for accompanying me to the event. She was the voice of reason that I don’t have independently. Had I been alone, I would’ve spent more; way more.

Photo booth 

My good girlfriend Esta Fiesta went to the event also. We didn’t get to attend on the same day because the universe hates me. Check out her recap here.

Have you attended any VIB events? Have you attended any other makeup events recently? Comment below and let me know!