Meet me at the barre

BarreHey Lovers,

As you know from some of my “recent” posts, I’ve really been into fitness lately which is never a phrase I pictured myself saying even 2 years ago. You can check out some of my older fitness related posts here and here.
I’ve tried a ton of classes. I’ve tried, bikram yoga, vinyasa yoga, hot vinyasa, pilates, Hot HIIT pilates, barre, sculpting, cardio, circuit, etc. By far barre is my favorite workout. It’s my favorite for a few reasons. First, you can’t look at a person’s size and tell whether or not they’ll be good. I’ve seen thick girls bust splits and thin girls give up. It’s also very effective for women’s bodies. Barre makes the body leaner and more toned without creating bulk. I saw the quickest results after joining a barre studio. Keep reading for a few thoughts on the barre studios I’ve visited. 

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ClassPass Month 1 Review

img_5904Hey Lovers,

I know I’ve been totally inconsistent for the last several (7) months. As I joked on Facebook, I’m basically the Frank Ocean of blogging. Please forgive me. Now that work is calm-ish, I can get back to a semi-regular writing schedule.

Switching jobs caused me to lose my cheap membership at New York Health & Racquet Club; RIP. Since I need classes as opposed to just doing my own thing in a gym, I joined Physique 57. After my 3 months at Physique, I was looking for something else mainly because of the way my bank account is set up. In comes ClassPass. If you didn’t know, ClassPass is a third party service that charges you a monthly flat fee but gives you access to hundreds of gyms and studios. While prices are location based, you can use your membership in another city. I have the NYC unlimited plan. It costs $200/month and allows you to visit each studio up to 3 times. Keep reading for a rundown of the classes and studios I visited during my first month.

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My 2016 Planner

Hey Lovers, DSC00250

I don’t know how but a couple months ago I came across the #PlannerAddict #PlannerCommunity #PlanWithMe hashtags and videos on Youtube and Instagram. Those pictures and videos hit the OCD spot of my soul. Throughout most of school and 2015 I used At A Glance planners. Cute planner with monthly and weekly spreads. What else could I need, right? Wrong! Those #PlannerWithMe videos opened my eyes to a whole new OCD planning world. In the “planner community” the Erin Condren Life Planner is the most popular by a mile. 

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Love & Hip Hop Brain Drops

From Youtube

Hey Lovers, 

It’s been awhile. I hope 2016 is treating you well. I was very content with my decision to no longer write about Love & Hip Hop NY. I’m convinced Ms. Mona and her staff no longer care. They’re forgetting to pretend that the show is real. If they don’t care, why should I? Well, a friend let me know she misses commentary. I can’t let down friends who are also readers. So here it is. Keep reading for my brain drops on this week’s latest episode. 

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