ClassPass Month 1 Review

img_5904Hey Lovers,

I know I’ve been totally inconsistent for the last several (7) months. As I joked on Facebook, I’m basically the Frank Ocean of blogging. Please forgive me. Now that work is calm-ish, I can get back to a semi-regular writing schedule.

Switching jobs caused me to lose my cheap membership at New York Health & Racquet Club; RIP. Since I need classes as opposed to just doing my own thing in a gym, I joined Physique 57. After my 3 months at Physique, I was looking for something else mainly because of the way my bank account is set up. In comes ClassPass. If you didn’t know, ClassPass is a third party service that charges you a monthly flat fee but gives you access to hundreds of gyms and studios. While prices are location based, you can use your membership in another city. I have the NYC unlimited plan. It costs $200/month and allows you to visit each studio up to 3 times. Keep reading for a rundown of the classes and studios I visited during my first month.

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Thick Chick Workout Tips

Hey Lovers,

It’s been awhile, I know. Life. Anyway, because the Internet never forgets, Facebook decided to remind me of my chunky days. Before this “memory” I felt like I looked basically the same. However, you see the progress. Let’s discuss. 

Before-AfterI have always said that I have reverse body dysmorphia. By reverse I mean, no matter what my weight is, I think I look the same. My clothes have a tendency to disagree. Haters, I know. Like most other Americans, I eat my feelings. After I finished law school in 2012 I was unemployed for about 7 months. I had nothing but time. Time to think. Time to think about my feelings; then eat them. By the time I got a job in 2013, my weight had ballooned to nearly 190lbs and a size 14/16. At 5’4, 190lbs is fat. Don’t get me wrong; I was still cute. I was cute but also fat. I used my first paycheck to join Weight Watchers. My goal was to get back to my “normal” weight which was somewhere around 165lbs and a size 12. img_3157
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My 2016 Planner

Hey Lovers, DSC00250

I don’t know how but a couple months ago I came across the #PlannerAddict #PlannerCommunity #PlanWithMe hashtags and videos on Youtube and Instagram. Those pictures and videos hit the OCD spot of my soul. Throughout most of school and 2015 I used At A Glance planners. Cute planner with monthly and weekly spreads. What else could I need, right? Wrong! Those #PlannerWithMe videos opened my eyes to a whole new OCD planning world. In the “planner community” the Erin Condren Life Planner is the most popular by a mile. 

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Love & Hip Hop Brain Drops

From Youtube

Hey Lovers, 

It’s been awhile. I hope 2016 is treating you well. I was very content with my decision to no longer write about Love & Hip Hop NY. I’m convinced Ms. Mona and her staff no longer care. They’re forgetting to pretend that the show is real. If they don’t care, why should I? Well, a friend let me know she misses commentary. I can’t let down friends who are also readers. So here it is. Keep reading for my brain drops on this week’s latest episode. 

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