Lil Poopy, big problem?

Lil Poopy


Hey Lovers, 

Have you heard about this kid from Massachusetts calling himself Lil Poopy? If you haven’t watch the video. Apparently Lil Poopy is signed to French I don’t know any of his songs Montana. Long story short, the authorities got wind of Lil Poopy’s hood stardom and his father is being investigated by the child protection authorities. Read more of the details at:

Bow Wow was a child rapper. I don’t really know how well that’s working out for him since he used to perform on 106 & Park and now he seems to have the hosting job no one wants. I vaguely remember Lil Romeo’s “rap” career. Do I see it for Lil Poopy? Not really. But the person for whom I really do NOT see it is French Montana. Isn’t he signed to P. I’m the only one who makes money on Bad Boy Diddy? Since I’d lose a $1 million bet to name a French Montana song I think his priorities are sideways. Out of this whole story I think I’m the most mad at these ratchet borderline child molesting women. How poorly is your life going that you have to twerk for an elementary school student? And I’m sure half of those hoes have kids older than Lil Poopy.

While we’re on the subject, can we admit that every combination of words isn’t going to become a “thing,” ad lib, catch phrase, etc? “Coke isn’t a bad word,” is almost as bad as the ghetto girl from BBW trying to start “shimmer.” While everyone wants to say they thought of the next “It’s Barbie Bitch,” the phrase actually has to be catchy. Remember, catchphrase isn’t a misnomer. I digress. 

All in all I think Lil Poopy could turn out to be fine or we could see him on Locked Up Boston in 7 years because clearly no one with good sense is in charge of him. 

What do you think of Lil Poopy? Too cute or too much? Comment below and let me know! 

2 thoughts on “Lil Poopy, big problem?

    • I’m just wondering what amount of money would make you bend over in a cat suit for a kid who probably still watches Arthur after school even though he claims he’s stunting on his principal.

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