Catfish Season 2

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Hey Lovers,

Tuesday night gave us the premiere of Catfish MTV Season 2. We met Cassandra who thought she was in love with an aspiring rapper named Steve from Atlanta. 

The first question I have for this season is, where were these people season 1? Did they not watch season and do their Google image search? I was sure that after Season 1 and Manti Teo, “catfish” the verb would be a thing of the past. Cassandra proved me wrong. 

For those of you who did not watch, log off now because the rest of this may be a spoiler and I don’t want you to say I didn’t warn you.

At first, I was distracted by Cassandra’s awful wig but as she began to tell her story I realized Cassandra’s issues are bigger than a horrible synthetic wig. Any time you start an email with “I need you to help me meet my fiancee,” there is a problem to say the least.

I’m no geographer but last I checked Florida and Atlanta are not that far a part. You mean to tell me that in 2 years the fact you never met your online lover in person isn’t alarming? 

Let’s fast forward to the big reveal. As you probably guessed, “Steve” wasn’t who he said he was. Not only was “Steve” not the person who Cassie thought he was, “Steve” was actually Cassie’s best friend, Gladys, and her cousin. According to Gladys she developed this fake guy for Cassie because Cassie turned into a big hot mess after her dad got murdered in Haiti. In order to fully perpetrate the fraud, Gladys enlisted her male cousin to have phone sex with Cassie, as Steve. Has Gladys never heard of an intervention? It really did look like Gladys wanted the best for her friend but I’m confused as to how luring her into a fake online relationship was a good idea. It does sound like Cassie made her vagina less friendly as a result of  her relationship with “Steve” which is good. However she is no longer close Gladys; that said, I’m wondering if it’s worth it. You stopped your friend from being a buss down but now you’ve lost your friend. 

Overall, this episode was crazy enough to make me want to see more so, I will be tuning in next week. 

Did you watch the season premiere? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! 

5 thoughts on “Catfish Season 2

  1. This one was a hot mess. I don’t understand how anyone is still getting Catfished after watching season 1 – this season HAS to be fake. First of all why is she proposing that a man, second, one she met on the internet but not real life?

    How sick do you have to be to do this to your BFF. And phone sex? That’s just another level of twisted. I’m disgusted that the cousin would go along with it. If my cousin came in my room and said, “Hey can you help me catfish my BFF?” I’d give them a side-eye then call the BFF. BANANAS!

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