Hey Lovers, 

Now that Instagram has added videos I am guessing it will get even more popular than it already is. There are few issues I have related to Instagram. Well, my issues are not with the app itself, my issues are with the way people use it. Let’s discuss!


Hashtags are fine but they should be used judiciously. Can you really take a caption seriously if #every #word #is #hashtagged? See what I mean? Super long hashtags are another thing I could certainly live without. #TheresNoReasonWhyAllThisNeedsToBeOneHashtag


When it comes to selfies less is really more. If you think about it, at some point a daily selfie transforms from a few cute pictures to an age progression. While we’re on the topic of selfies, let’s add daily pictures of children. Your kids don’t change that much from day to day. I don’t need daily pictures of them. 


If I wanted to read your Tweets, there’s a place for me to do that; it’s called Twitter.

Shout Outs

This is something I really do not understand. Just because someone liked 5 of your pictures, they get a shout out? Not only that, am I supposed to like a picture that’s about how many times someone else liked your pictures? 

Private Pictures 

While most of us follow and are followed by family members some pictures really are not suitable for all of your 500 followers. I just cannot understand why people feel the need to Instagram a loved one’s casket. I cannot be the only one who thinks things like this are in poor taste.

These are just 5 of the things that annoy me the most on Instagram. What annoys you on Instagram? Comment below and let me know!  


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