The “Bad” Girls Club?

Anything written on t-shirt is true, right?

Anything written on t-shirt is true, right?

The Bad Girls Club started its newest season in New Orleans. Besides missing girls from seasons past who were actually bad, the premiere got me thinking. . .where have all the real Bad Girls gone? Too often women have labeled themselves bad girls when they’re just bad at life. Let’s discuss some of the most common characters mislabeled as Bad Girls.
1. The Big Kid: We all know her, she never wants to grow up; think Peter Pan. She’s in her late 20’s still involved in the shenanigans better fit for someone 18-21. Obviously you don’t have to stay at home & knit once you turn 25 but you certainly should be handling your business. If you’re 25+ still spending every dime you have as if you’re waiting on allowance, the only thing bad about you is your ability to budget. Having no career, no focus, doing the same thing you did in high school and having no idea you’re not winning doesn’t make you a bad girl, it makes you a hot mess.
2. The Crazy Girl : Attempting to terrorize your man (or others) into submission is not cute. Really, have you ever heard someone say “stalking is sexy?” Destruction of property was only hot when Angela Bassett did it in Waiting to Exhale. If you think harassment, embarrassment, vandalism, assault, battery and any other forms of insanity are routinely appropriate, you’re not a bad girl, you’re a basket case. If you fit this description you should consider attending church and psychotherapy sessions regularly. You may also want to consider prepaying a lawyer because all that crazy only gets you 1 place. . .Rikers.
3. The Boogie Girl: We’ve all come across this person, she portrays herself as if she’s bad but once you confront her you can change her name to “cowardly lion” within seconds. I don’t understand these women, if you wanna blow smoke try Newports. In reality the Boogie Girls are just like the Boogie Man, the idea of them is kinda scary but in reality, they don’t even exist. Remember: The Boogie Girl is a bitch with no bite.
4. The Battery Girl: This is the girl who is only bad when someone else directs (inserts the battery) her to be that way. I’m sure you’ve encountered her, she walks and talks like a bad girl when she’s around other bad girls but have one conversation with her and you’ll find out that the only “bad” thing about her is her ability to think for herself. Remember: Real Bad Girls lead not follow.
5. The Badly Behaved Girl: See, Judi from this season’s BGC. Doing any random thing like kissing strangers or tossing someone’s prized possession doesn’t make you a bad girl; it makes you an idiot and no one should treat you like a real person until you stop acting like you were in the “special” class. Doing every slutty, spiteful, disgusting thing you can think of just means you’re slutty, spiteful and disgusting and deserve to be treated as such. If you were bad meaning good, I’m pretty sure you would not need nor want to act that way.
Let’s remember, once you become a woman, being a “bad girl” is a state of mind AND a lifestyle. It’s doing things for yourself for the right reasons. It’s approaching things hard and smart, choosing your battles, sometimes speaking softly but always carrying your “big stick.”

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