10 Things I Hate

10. Men in flip flops (or sandals). Call me old fashioned but I like my men wearing socks & shoes. If we’re not at the beach I don’t want to see a man’s feet.
9. The City bus. Do I really need to expand?
8. Stores with $10 debit/credit card minimums. Besides the practice being against card policies, it’s ridiculous. Now when I see those signs and I only have one $5 item I just put it back on the shelf. I won’t be bullied into buying extra things I don’t need because some manager wants to play chicken with the Visa machine.
7. People who don’t get or choose to ignore social ques. Have you ever done everything in your power without using words (that would be rude) to show your lack of interest in a topic or person but they just won’t stop? If a person is eating with one hand and texting with the other they probably aren’t interested in what you’re saying.
6. Over Sharing. This is a big one. Some people just don’t understand that every story is not suitable for every situation. This is an icebreaker, no one wants to hear about the 3some you had last week. Save that story for happy hour or “never have I ever.”
5. Emotional Terrorism. There will be a post dedicated to this topic. It’s unfair to subject others to your emotional whims. Having a bad day you want to ruin my mood. . .think again; I’m fighting the War on Emotional Terror.

4. Fast food workers with attitude problems. It isn’t my fault you work in Dunkin Donuts. Just make my Coolatta and I’ll be on my way. Confession: When a person in the ice cream shop gives me attitude I order a half gallon and make them scoop it by hand. I doubt it’ll actually teach them a lesson but it’s my own little retribution.

3. Gentrification. I’m all for revitalization but too many places are losing their character. Not only that, I’m tired of watching the news after the weekend shootings that are nearly certain to ensue and seeing the 3 oblivious White people transplants saying they can’t believe such a thing c0uld happen. Really, you can’t believe someone got shot at 3AM, in the summer, in Brooklyn right after a shady bar closed?
2. Public application of makeup. I don’t mean lip gloss but something about seeing a grown woman try to apply eye liner between train stops is more annoying than words can express. If your makeup routine is that serious, wake up 10 minutes earlier and spare the public.

1. Staunch social conservatism. I’ll dedicate a post to this too. It’s 2011 and this is America. New York just passed a bill legalizing gay marriage. Why there’s still a “debate” on gay marriage is beyond me. If you are against gay marriage, birth control and premarital sex, marry someone  of the opposite sex who you didn’t smash before the wedding and don’t plan your parenthood; don’t try to take away all the good stuff from the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate

  1. I find it very ironic that you write an entire blog about telling men not to wear sandals unless they are at the beach, telling people to pay closer attention to “social cues” when you are blatantly ignoring what they are saying (because saying it would be sooo much more rude than texting while they are talking!!??), calling your supposed friends or acquaintances “emotional terrorists” because they come to talk to you when they are having a bad day, getting so upset just because some woman decides to put her make-up on in a public place, being nasty to some person who works in a coffee shop and probably has a college degree and is stuck making coffee in this horrible economy because maybe they can’t find another decent job that actually provides them with insurance benefits (doesn’t their life suck enough without you giving them crap too?)….but yet, you end by bashing “staunch social conservatism” that tells everyone how to live their lives regarding who they want to marry or have sex with…the “good stuff” as you called it. It seems to me that this “good stuff” (aka marriage and sex) is the only thing you didn’t try to tell people how to behave with in your ranting blog. I don’t like “staunch social conservatism,” therefore, I didn’t care for your blog telling me how and when (if applicable) I could apply my make-up, wear flip-flops, or go to a friend regarding something bad that happened to me that day. I hope I am never nasty to a friend in need like you imply that you would be. If that is how you treat people, please join the right-wing party, “staunch social conservatives,” and let us left-wing liberals speak for ourselves. We don’t need such a judgmental person speaking on behalf of the gays, lesbians, and other social liberals. Thank you.

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