Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part 2



Hey Lovers, 

I’m sure you’re excited about Nicki Minaj’s new album but we have other things to discuss. In honor of the fact that Love & Hip Hop New York is premering tonight, I figured that I’d give you my final thoughts on the finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood since I couldn’t watch with you live last week. 

  • Ray-J & Princess: I’m sure you’ve heard about Princess threatening suicide last week. This may seem harsh but that doesn’t make me care about their storyline. During the reunion I just kept wondering why she didn’t get her upper lip threaded. You can’t wear colored lipstick if your facial hair isn’t under control, everyone knows. What happened to Ray-J’s anger management? He unleashed Princess on Morgan as if he was trying out for American Pimp Part 2. 
  • Nikki & Nana: I don’t know what was worse, the fact Nikki claims to be 24 or everything about her mother. Why did she keep threatening to take off her clothes? I’m sure there is a market for granny porn but Mondays on VH1 are not the destination. I really hope Nikki does not return next season. Her frozen face and plastic ass irritate me to no end.
  • Nia & Soulja BoyI don’t care that Teddy Riley isn’t Nia’s real father, neither do you. What I need to know is why she tatted his name. It was nice to see Soulja Boy sober, I actually like him. Were you as disgusted as I was to learn that he’s had relations with Karine Superhead Steffans? She’s a slut from the 90’s and Soulja Boy is only 24. 
  • Yung Berg & Masika: We’ve all heard that Yung Berg dragged Masika by the weave and has since been fired. What I need to know is, what is it about him? I didn’t know the market for petite light skin dudes was robust. I hope Masika returns. Her one liners really do give me joy. Don’t we all have heels higher than some of these girls’ self esteem?
  • Fizz, Amanda & Moneice: The Internet said Amanda’s other dude is some ball player who has a 3 month old baby. Maybe Baby Mama Drama gets her in the mood. Personally I don’t understand it, but then again, I don’t play like that. What are your thoughts on Moneice? I really wish that Amanda would’ve had the vocabulary and sense to read her for filth. The day someone who isn’t caught up on their child supports gives me attitude, is No Day. 

All in all, Part 2 of the reunion wasn’t super eventful for me. I didn’t understand Molly was wearing those leather leggings but then again I don’t know the rules for over the hill “producers.” I’m glad they kept Ms. Leslie’s segment short. She and her Jazzing rinse ran me hot. I’m wondering if there will be a season 2. Personally, all of us can live without a Season 2. Do you really care about Nikki’s dry weave, Ray-J’s probation, Omarion’s mama, Teairra’s Uber account or Hazel’s rap career? I know I don’t.

Did you watch the reunion? What were your thoughts? Will you watch Love & Hip Hop New York tonight? 

Comment below and let me know!  

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