Love & Hip Hop Hollyweird Episode 6

Hey Lovers, 

Did you watch Love & Hip Hop last night? Let’s discuss. 

I really couldn’t take Miss Diddy’s Crayola colored lipstick and Sincere’s rapey swag. 

I tried to care about Lil Fizz and Amanda but. . . I just don’t. Lil Fizz should be looking for a nanny but instead he’s trying to cuff Amanda.  If Amanda were smart, she would walk now. The other dude is taking her to the Capital Grille and Fizz got her going to toddler tee ball and ducking his trifling ass Baby Mama. Which would you choose? 

Next, on the list of things about which I do not care, Ray-J firing Morgan. I have trouble believing he’s even busy enough to need an assistant.  

We need to have a moment of silence for Teairra Mari. That whole performance was tragic. I don’t understand why she was wearing cat ears, a synthetic wig and a dress from an Instagram boutique. Times can’t be that hard. What does she do all day? I mean besides ride around in Uber SUV’s. I can’t understand why she sounded so horrific. We haven’t heard a song from Teairra since Rihanna put out SOS and she blew the one chance she got. Maybe we should start a Teairra Mari Legal Defense Fund because she’s going to catch a case. She’s always ready to stole on somebody. I’d press charges then sue that ass but that’s a different story. 

Masika’s eyes bother me but I feel like she’s one of the smarter girls on this show which isn’t saying much, I know.

I only took Psychology 101 but it’s clear that Nicki is insecure and projecting her issues. The Mesika “interview” and all that plastic surgery are evidence. I really don’t know who looks worse, Nicki or her mom. I think it may be a tie. The mom looks like an old ho. Nicki looks like a thirsty ho. We see where Nicki gets her foolishness; her fossilized looking mother. That entire interrogation was nonsense. How are you splitting hairs over intercourse vs. oral sex, 2 trips or 6, 2 weeks or 2 months? I just wonder what type of chisel Nicki uses to remove that sci-fi looking makeup. 

My favorite thing about this episode was the fact that we didn’t see Soulja Boy or Teddy Riley’s Jay Leno looking ass daughter. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Comment below and let me know! 

2 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop Hollyweird Episode 6

  1. But ur so right about Nikki. 1st of all I need to know why you’re interrogating a woman who insists she had a relationship with your man? At this point it’s CLEAR something went on, whether they cared for each other or not that girl did inappropriate things with your man – why would she insist on lying about that? N she HAS to know her plastic surgery looks crazy! Renee Zellwegger’s face looks more normal!

  2. I agree with all. That fizz thing was stressing me. Omarion may not have his home life together but he was right. Ole boy is trying to get a step mommy rather than a partner. That’s never gonna work out. And I’m feeling he only sees step mom qualifies in her because she isn’t cute.

    Yeah Nicki and mom are way too much. I bet they do 3some porn together. And I wanna tell her so bad her body isn’t cute. But I’ll be overruled by the constant slow motion reel she gets when she walks into a room. And why are they checkin for ole boy. He looks like he’s on the sex offender registry.

    See, I liked Tierra Mari back in the day. Her one. Song was cute. But yeah that dress and ears were a set up. And doesn’t she practice singing ever? There’s no reason for her to sound that bad. Also we didn’t have to be fully frontal assaulted by berg and hazels horrible flowers in the attic love story.

    Just in general I can’t believe what we allow folks to get away with now-a-days.

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