Gossip Game

The Gossip Game


Last night we got a new show, Gossip Game on VH1. As your Go to Girl for Reality Tea, I felt compelled to watch. The cast members are:

  • Angela Yee of Power 105’s Breakfast Club. I find Angela Yee adorable. I think this show is a better look for her than managing L’oreal. Is that a problem? 
  • K. Foxx. I want to like K. Foxx but her bad wig is distracting. I did like how she kept it cute at the table with Angela Yee & Jas Baggy Eye Fly.  
  • Kim Osorio. I love that Kim Osorio is on this show. She’s the first female editor of the Source. It’s great for young girls to a woman of color in such a powerful position. Kim’s husband however needs a time out. He manages Slaughter House yet his artist is chasing Tahiry’s cakes to other countries and not making music.  
  • Ms. Drama. Ms. Drama has the right name. She doesn’t have the right wig or the right undergarments but I guess you can’t have everything. 
  • Jas Fly. Jas really didn’t give me anything. I liked how she ambushed Angela Yee & K. Foxx but I’m going to need her to get one of the under eye roller ball things because those bags were distracting me. 
  • Sharon Carpenter of Global Grind. Everyone knows I love Black & Brown people with English accents so Sharon was already in with me. I loved the fact she’s on the cast since I’ve seen her do actual journalism for major networks. It also looks like she’s going to bring something other that “I’m something like a journalist but I’ll Erica Mena you.” I was all with her until she started with the “I’m so pretty it’s holding me back.” Sharon, this is America you can never be too pretty that’s like saying you’re too rich. 
  • Vivian Billings. Ms. Vivian was giving us NYC Hood realness. We knew that from the minute she said she has 4 kids, been with their father for 13 years but has only been married for 2. Vivian was giving us Jamaica Ave and I loved it.   

I liked the cameos from Charlamagne and Star (of Star & Bucwild). Episode 1 gave enough drama to make me tune in next week. I want to see what’s going to happen with this whole Angela v. K. Foxx thing, whether Ms. Drama will get a better wig and whether Vivian will threaten to cut a bitch.  

Did you watch? Will you continue to watch? Comment below and let me know! 

One thought on “Gossip Game

  1. Hell yeah we’re continuing to watch! I’ve always loved Angela Yee, I hope after a season of seeing themselves on TV some of these ladies fix their wigs and I’m looking forward to a more sophisticated sense of drama – competing, arguing but no bottle throwing!

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