The NBA Lockout means NOTHING to me but NEEDS to END!

Let me begin by saying I have not given this lockout more than my minimum attention before writing this post. Honestly, I’m only giving it my minimum attention now. If you’re a sports buff and would like to enlighten me of facts that I am currently aware, feel free to comment. I probably still won’t care, but comment anyway. The main reason why I could not care less about this NBA lockout is because when the millionaires (players) are in a fight with the multi-millionaires and billionaires (owners), I as an arguably regular person cannot feel sorry for either side.

There are a few groups who have my sympathy. These are the small business owners and staff of the arenas. Many bars, restaurants, and parking garages have seen dramatic drops in business because the games have been cancelled. Am I the only one who’s disgusted that people who are already underpaid like arena security and wait-staff may be pushed to the brink of poverty because Big & Bigger Money can’t agree on how to split the billions they make?

Can we take a moment to talk about it’s rumored that the Lockout precipitated Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris never knew his name ‘til he started dating Kim Humphries? You may not be surprised by the divorce however, I for one was looking for the charade to go on for at least a year. Why? You ask. . .because I wanted Kim K and Lala to get some kind of Basketball Wife spin off. Everyone would have won. Shaunie O’Neal would’ve made more money without appearing on camera (her occasional paleness annoys me), Lala would have gotten to continue to talk about how she doesn’t want being married to Melo to derail her life (I mean “career”) on the D List and Kim would have been able to “prove” to everyone that her marriage was not a sham, she really was in love with K. Hump and we the viewers would have been able to figuratively frolic in the joy of watching all the events unfold. The lesson from this situation is: it’s all fun and games ‘til someone’s unemployed.

Sorry for that Kardashian rant, back to what I was typing about. . . the Lockout. When I first heard about the Lockout I was a bit surprised because I didn’t even know that the players were in a union but as a proud Lefty (read Liberal), I was happy they are unionized. After the Occupy Wall Street protests gained momentum, I again thought about the Lockout; briefly. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the nation is facing bigger problems than not seeing Lebron dominate or Gloria’s baby father warm the bench. You may be thinking to yourself “but Triple17, sports make people happy. Sports are an American pass time.” To that I respond, please don’t reproduce. That would be like me, a reality TV junkie, getting more than fleetingly upset if the ATL Housewives, Basketball Wives, Bad Girls, Braxtons, Jersey Shore and Jerseyliscious cast members going on strike simultaneously. “No Snooki, no Nene, no Evelyn, no Tamar, no Malaysia this must be what the Mayans foresaw for 2012.” ß Not real life.

Moral: when we live in a nation where objectively ignorant people can be considered for President, our infrastructure is crumbling, China owns us, the kids are so poorly educated I wouldn’t even call them future baristas and good healthcare appears to be going out of style, we have bigger problems than insanely rich people arguing with offensively rich people. After all, would you complain if you only had to show up 82 days a year?

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