Leave Whitney Alone

Whitney Houston

Hello Lovers,

I hope you had a great weekend. As I was watching LL Cool J’s episode of Next Chapter I saw a commercial for Cissy Houston’s upcoming episode. I have only one request. Can we please leave Whitney alone? This is starting to be too much. Well, it was too much when the family did that messy ass show only 3 months after Whitney passed away. Aside from the show, last week Wendy Williams reported that Cissy Houston has written a book that will be released this week. I’m not here for this book. I’m not here for the family doing more interviews anytime in the near future and I’m certainly not here for another season of the Houstons.

At this point what do we need to know that we don’t already know? It seems like the main characters have had ample opportunities to give us their story. After Cissy Houston’s interview I propose that a moratorium be placed on Whitney Houston interviews. We’ve heard Bobby Brown’s side. We’ve heard from the brother and sister in law. We’re about to hear from Cissy Houston. Bobby Kristina told us her side during the few lucid moments she had on the show.  Hell, even Bobby Brown’s sister got a check back in the day when she sold her story to the tabloids then did interviews under the guise of wanting Whitney to get help. If my memory serves me correctly, even a couple members of New Edition gave their 2 cents on Bobby & Whitney. At this point the only person we haven’t heard from on the topic of Whitney Houston is Ray-J; thankfully. 

We know Whitney Houston was arguably one of the best singers to ever live. We know Whitney Houston is our favorite singer’s favorite singer. We know how she tragically lost her life too soon. We know Bobby Kristina is 1 new prescription away from an episode of Intervention. We know Whitney & Bobby were crazy (and high) in love.  I know, I’d just like for Whitney to be allowed to rest in peace without every few months a book, reality show, episode of Next Chapter or whatever else is being dreamed up to claim we’re being told something we haven’t heard in the previous book, show or interview. 

So Lovers, what do you think? Have we heard enough about the rise and tragic fall of Whitney Houston? Comment below and let me know!