#NoBareLips30 Challenge-Will you join me?

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Hey Lovers,

As you know I’ve been obsessed with all things beauty lately. The other day my good girlfriend Esta Fiesta over at livingfiesta.com tagged me asking if I would join her on a challenge. I couldn’t see the details immediately but my first thought was “Challenge? Sure, Brooklyn don’t budge.” Then I got the details; sigh. The challenge is a lipstick challenge. 

#NoBareLips30 was started by Keiko Kaveri last year. Check out full details here

The rules are simple, every day for 30 days you will use things in your collection to create different looks without buying anything new and post a selfie using #NoBareLips30. The challenge starts Monday April 28 and lasts until May 27. 

Here are the official rules.



Lipstick, no big deal right? Wrong (for me). While the picture above is my lippie collection, it’s been a long hard road. As a result of being cursed blessed with Cherry Lips, wearing bold lip colors during the day makes me feel self conscious. While the girls with thin lips can kill it in a red lip at 8AM, in my mind if I did that you’d be able to see my lips from down the block. The truth is when I wear lipstick at night I look like this photo (6) and like this Me-Melyssa   but the idea of lipstick in the day time evokes fears of looking like this baby 

These are irrational thoughts, I know. 

I think participating in this challenge may help me face my fear of bold daytime colors. 

Will you join me on the challenge? Did you participate in last year’s challenge? Comment below and let me know! 




4 thoughts on “#NoBareLips30 Challenge-Will you join me?

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