Love & Ho Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Hey Lovers, 

I know it’s been awhile but my job has me working like they don’t know indentured servitude is over. Let’s discuss tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

  • Stevie & Joseline: According to Media Takeout the couple married last week. I guess nothing says forever like your man accusing you of being a former prostitute. Am I the only one who thinks Stevie J cross dresses in secret? All of his outfits look like costumes. Sidenote, aren’t Joseline’s weaves winning this season? 
  • Mimi: You MADE a mistake with this tired ass clothing line. Are we really surprised that Nikko didn’t really put her in his roommate’s video? I’m not interested in learning anything else about Mimi; other than who does her makeup. Mimi should ask Joseline about how to demand her respect.  
  • Rasheeda & Ms. Kirk: Rasheeda’s weave was laid in her glitter top interview package. Maybe she should start a hair company because music doesn’t seem to be for her. Can you name a Rasheeda song? I certainly cannot. As for Ms. Kirk meeting with Rasheeda’s mama what’s the point? Trifling is just trifling. Did y’all peep Ms. Shirline? She looked like she was ready to buss Kirk’s head with that broom stick. 
  • Benzino: Besides the fact that his head and shoulders seem to be mismatched Benzino doesn’t seem to be so terrible.  I’m actually starting to like Bobble Head.
  • K. Michelle: What was that toast? Safe sex, pay checks & learning to give great BJ’s. . .Shouldn’t you have all 3 of those under control by now? I can’t even discuss that climb over the gate comment but I’ve never heard such trash. 
  • Karlie Redd should’ve kept that weave for herself. And anyway, what kinda weave can you do with 1 bundle? Bye Karlie Redd and the red latex dress.  

Did you miss Scrappy & Shay or Baby Bop & the Red Bone? I didn’t either. I don’t know what was worse. Nikko’s rapping or his video. I hope he has a day job. Maybe he doesn’t and that’s why he needs a roommate when he’s clearly near 40. By the way, how is Stevie J giving Mimi a BMW when he’s still on the bus?

Did you watch tonight? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! 

2 thoughts on “Love & Ho Hop Atlanta

  1. lol u hit everything to the Tttttt! I forgot about Chris brown dj and funny faced girl. and I forgot about the scrappy Erica drama. u think her and shay will fight before the season ends? Kirk is beyond disrespectful. Rasheeda’s mom look like she was dead about to fight him. sad that Mimi still thinks that her and Stevie will b together when clearly joseline has him sprung. karlie butt looked like butt pads and k michelle should if beat her up but I’m happy she reserved the ass whopping. noooooo at benzino lol I like Stevie before ill like benzino! anyway fun watching rachito tv with ya! till next week! and tell work to stop having u so busy lol jk!

  2. This episode was another for the record books on what NOT to do to get ahead! Overall it was a good episode, but I think some of the production work is getting sloppy (ie: Kirk meeting up with Rashida’s mom in her salon, and K.Michelle inviting Benzino to her birthday party).
    Mimi: She is starting to get on my nerves as well! Her Curly weave is not working for her, and how could she still be so blind to Stevie’s motives? She is too grown for that mess, and certainly too old to be getting wet for a 3 series BMW! I also know whats aging Mimi this season, her makeup game has improved, but its not working with her new (fillers, botox, etc) features. She needs some contouring, and some highlighting.
    Rasheeda: Agreed on all fronts with your comments on her. She needs to start a weave line and forget the rapping game. As a famous brit once told me “as a woman, after a certain amount of time (read: age) you have to realize when something isn’t working and move on!” Her hair though is “LAIDDD for the GOD’s” in the post-production interview.
    Karlie Redd: She is such a bad representation for us Trinidadians! 1: I cant focus on what she says when her teeth are that crowded on the bottom. Also, that random Sally’s Beauty supply gift bag was so tacky, she should have stuck with the failsafe Bath and Body Works Candle and lotion set.
    K.Michelle: Oh I feel bad for her, she needs serious life counseling. I think her past unfortunately is blocking her from any future success. She needs to move on and let the past go. Getting ratchet in club is not cute for anyone of any age, but certainly not an “emerging artist.” Also, I get that playing with hairstyles is fun, but have the label give you a look and try staying within the boundaries. Then perhaps you can get a weave job that looks legit.
    Joseline: I am loving my Latina hot pot this season! She is playing the game with Stevie and speaks her mind. Mimi certainly can learn a few things from Joseline. However, whoever is lending her those shoes needs to stop-they are clearly off the runway looks, but they look crazy on her-leave those for your photoshoots!

    **Also sidenote for all the ladies: There is a great beauty treatment called Eyelash Extensions. When your lashes are talking while you blink, it’s never a good look. We all know everyone needs lashes on TV, but my advise would be to get a professional mink set of extensions while filming. The $300 would be well spent to avoid us having to see unglued edges or lashes that look like the $4 one-size-fits-all synthetic set from the drugstore. You all can do better!

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