Bully vs. Battle

First let me begin by saying “how you doin’?” (Wendy Williams voice). It’s been so long since we spoke through this forum and I’ve missed you. 

Originally I was going to write about something else tonight but after seeing tonight’s Basketball Wives episode we must discuss Tami Acts Like She’s Never Left the Block Roman’s antics. 

First of all, let’s admit what’s really happening here. Tami thinks she’s “keeping it real” when she’s keeping it trashy, ghetto, ratchet, hoodrat, tacky (choose your favorite adjective). 

There’s a difference between bullying and battling. A battle is two equal forces going against each other. Think Jay-Z v. Nas, Obama v. Hillary or even Evelyn v. Tami. Bullying is well. . .everything Tami did tonight. Let’s run through it! 

  • Crouching Hoodrat. That crouched position at the table was the first problem. They’re in paradise but Tami is acting like she’s on a project bench.
  • Purse snatching. Tami claims she’s a New Yorker but we need to pull her card. In what ‘hood is purse snatching an appropriate form of intimidation? Let me know, so I avoid that gutter.
  • Law & Disorder. You would think that after being reported she would’ve straightened up; quickly. But nooo, trash-bag Tami has to keep going. I’m still confused at how Kesha was the problem when Tami turned purse snatcher. 
  • Apology. I’m still a bit confused as to what exactly Tami claims required an apology. However, I’m pretty sure that once you snatch my purse, I no longer have to apologize to you. That’s a rule. 
  • Tears & Terror. Once Tami saw that Keshia was a small pile of biracial sadness, why didn’t she just stop? It’s kinda like kicking a disabled puppy; wrong. How could anyone continue terrorizing a person who is clearly ill-equipped to defend themselves? Tami has to try another kind of therapy because whatever she’s doing isn’t working.
  • Shaunie. I don’t understand why Shaunie even pretends to give a damn about any of this mess. I saw those dollar signs in her eyes. She ain’t foolin’ me. 
  • Suzie. Suzie and her chicken wing looking limbs had me pissed off tonight. As my Facebook Friends can tell you, I think she needs to play football. That hoe stays running back. She ran to Tami to say what Keshia said but after Keshia gets assaulted she acts as if she’s so concerned. Let’s find an empty stadium for Suzie, where she can proceed to have every seat. 
  • Evelyn. When did Evelyn become so sensitive? First she’s crying of crooked wig Nia being called the bum she is. Now she’s crying with Keshia but not telling Tami to lay off before she ends up in a place where they don’t have Bud Light and weird lace fronts. I don’t get it. Feel free to explain. 

A friend told me Tami claims to have apologized to Keshia but honestly if I were Keshia I’d be apologizing to Tami’s kids after I sued the pants off their tacky mother. I’m always down for a little messiness but you have to stop somewhere. I hope Tami has a secret stash of bail money and attorney’s fees somewhere. If she keeps going she want be on VH1, she’ll be on MSNBC “Locked Up.” 

Did I miss anything? Let me know! 

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