2011 Expiration

As the year comes to a close, I thought it appropriate to share a small list of things I hope do not join us in 2012.

BBW “inspired” earrings

When we first saw Jenn & Evelyn wearing them, they were kinda unique but enough is really enough. Now there are million girls doing how to videos on YouTube. The earrings have even made it to the tables on the streets of NYC. If you want to know when a trend stops being trendy, check the tables.

Need I say more?

Pantyhose as leggings

If whatever you’re wearing has a run in them, they’re not leggings. They are stockings and you should not be shocked by all the side-eyes you’re receiving. Actual leggings are sold everywhere from Forever 21 to H &M so let’s leave anything with a control top under a skirt or dress or in 2011 if you think they can be leggings.

Conservative Politician sex scandals
If we’ve learned anything this year in politics we’ve learned that as long as the media and Internet exist jump offs will find their way to the public. If you like to play “grab your ankles” with people of the same sex or someone other than your spouse you better get an angle other than family values.

Ray-Jesque Media Rants
Unless you’re Charlie Sheen or Paula Abdul getting on the air while you’re still leaning from last night is not a good look.

We all know that as long as Canal Street exists there will be knock offs but can’t a girl hope? What’s the point of getting something that’s supposed to be something else? The feet and seams on that wanna be speedy are a dead give away. Either get a plain bag or save up for the real deal because the only people who will be fooled are people who don’t know the difference in the first place.

Fake Moral Superiority
You can file this along side the conservative sex scandals. We’re moving into 2012, we’ve seen that sometimes hoes actually win. Don’t believe me? Google ATL “housewife” Kim trapping, I mean marrying Kroy and Hoopz & Shaq’s alleged nuptials. We know everyone isn’t wholesome. Sometimes it takes being a stripper, gold digger, or mistress/jump off for people to “get on,” “come up” etc. Still don’t believe me? Google Calista Gingrich. What needs to stop is once someone gets on they start pretending they’ve been on the up & up all along. I could’ve jumped through my TV the other night when Kim tried to turn her nose up at Marlo for doing the same thing she did to get on. Clearly twerking for married men causes memory loss because she was acting like she forgot that she accepted more than one “engagement” ring from another woman’s husband. Take away: If ankle grabbing was your profession, own it and don’t knock co-twerkers after you retire.

2012 Apocalypse

If you don’t know by now, the Mayan calendar ends December 2012. How anyone can find an ounce of veracity in this story is beyond me. If the Mayans predicted so many things, how come we haven’t heard about them predicting their own demise? This story along with Mama Jones’s rap career, needs to go away and stay there.

What would you rather not see next year? Let me know!

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