Halloween was this past weekend. I have some randomness as usual.

RAVE: I love baby costumes; pumpkins, animals, ballerinas, superheros, etc., they all look adorable on small children. Take away: If the child is under age 5, just about any costume is going to make every adult say “awww.”

RANDOM: I just have a couple questions about Halloween. . .

1. At what age are you too old to dress up? I saw a man dressed up as Balloon Boy (I think) and what was left of his hair was entirely gray; he also had a hearing aid. I don’t know how I feel about Grandpa dressing up for Halloween. What’s your pleasure?

2. How come more women’s costume don’t consist of pants?  Here on the East Coast, it could snow on Halloween so why is nearly every costume for an adult woman so skimpy? Fishnets & pumps+ Snow = Sexy

HAM (Hot Ass Mess)

RULE/RANT: Fit and flattering rules apply to Halloween costumes too. RANDOM: There are plus-sized costumes, you just may have to work a little harder to find them.

Dallas CheerHo

RULE: Racism is still racism on Halloween.

The picture above is of Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Whitney Isleib. She claimed she was dressed as Lil’ Wayne. In no surprise, most of the Texans that dared to come on camera said they didn’t see anything wrong with the “costume.” Guess they never heard about minstrel shows from the days of old. The really sad thing is that young girls want to be like this girl. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are strippers without poles, let’s do better.

Dear Whitney,

We know there’s no IQ test for being a cheerleader but you’d know why everyone is upset if you Googled “black face”. What are you going to be next year, the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan? Decent members of society ask that you never appear in pictures in anything other than your “uniform” or we’ll be forced to continue to blog the words “hoe please” when you do stupid things. Oh yea, we almost forgot, please don’t speak unless the executive wrote the words for you. We wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself, thinking  is hard.

Your’s truly,

People who know better than you!

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