I was listening to Jay-Z’s song, DOA and I began to think about things I wished would die. The following are just a few:

  • Shower flipflops being worn in the street (the shower part isn’t a misnomer, it’s a hint)
  • Chinese slippers being worn in the street (a $5 slipper is not a shoe)
  • Club clothes and colored eyeshadow in the day time (it’s called EVENING wear)
  • Stores that have minimum purchase requirements for credit/debit cards but take EBT no matter what (way to reward for NOT being on public assistance)
  • Men’s sandals (never acceptable if there is no body of water near by and I don’t mean a puddle)
  • Faux-Fur (faux means fake)

Jay-Z killed Autotune, if you could, what would you kill?

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