Love & Hop Scotch ATL

Picture from VH1

Picture from VH1

Hey Lovers,

Sorry I wasn’t here to discuss Stevie & ’em them with you live but I was out with one of my besties drinking margaritas and slaying (Shout out to T. Starr). Let’s discuss tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Can you explain Drew to me? He was dressed like a gay Steve Urkel and I really have a hard time taking anyone who wears glasses without lens seriously. Maybe we can start a petition to get Drew & Traci off the show because I really cannot endure seeing them week after week.

How many times do I have to say that Rasheeda & Mimi need to start virgin hair lines? They don’t make great decisions but their weaves are always laid.

I need Ariane to get a life coach. First, she had no story line. Then, she smashed one of K. Michelle’s exes. After that she wanted to be a singer. Now she wants a woman. I want a writer to decide what her actual role on this show will be because she’s flip flopping all over the script and it’s making me tired.

How do you feel about Scrappy’s weed addiction? I’m kind of feeling like it’s along the lines of Tiger Woods’ sex addiction as in it’s a great excuse but no one believes really. I think Scrappy was smiling at the counselor because he doesn’t know the definition of “abstinence.” By the way, my mother thinks that Scrappy & Mama Dee get high together. Scrappy is the reason why people have to choose baby daddies more carefully. Any time your child’s grandmother is buying your child’s father blunts someone made the wrong choice.

I know I’ve been drinking but please tell me I heard Karlie wrong. Did she say she did a song with Beenie Man? I didn’t know Beenie Man was doing that badly that he needs to get on songs with old Trini buss downs. After seeing that performance it’s clear Karlie should stick to the hair boutique because I don’t see her being the next Lady Saw.

I want to hang out with Rasheeda’s mama. She ran into Queen Kirk’s toy dirt bike like a G and I was here for every second of it.

I am still ready for the season finale.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Comment below and let me know!





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